Final Fantasy X/X -2 HD Remaster: Nearly 21 million times with originals

As Square Enix announces, all games of the Final Fantasy X collection, which will certainly include Final Fantasy X and X-2 as well as the HD remaster versions of both role-playing standards, have accomplished the complete number of 20.8 million units supplied

The Japanese company announced in October 2013 that a total of 14 million final fantasy X games were sold.

Because Final Fantasy X/X -2 HD Remaster just appeared at a later day, it can be thought that the two remaster variations make up the staying 6.8 million systems.
On top of that, Square Enix announced his strategies for the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series that was upcoming in the springtime of 2023.
A final fantasy theater piece in Kabuki style is to be listed in Tokyo.

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