Does Saints Row support a cross -platform game?

If you are interested in whether the Saints Row reboot will support the cross-platform game, the answer is not. In short, the official Twitter Saints Row, the account confirmed that the game in its current state will support only cross-generation and not cross-platform game. This means that users of different systems will not be able to play with other players. For example, Xbox users cannot play with PlayStation users and vice versa. Because of this, if you want to play with a friend in rebooting Saints Row, you both should be on the same console .

However, since Saints Row supports game between generations players located on different consoles, but in one family of consoles you can play together. This means that if you are on PS4 you can play with your friend, who is on PS5 and the same applies to Xbox users.

How does a cooperative work in Saints Row?

In a cooperative, players can perform missions and explore the world of Saints Row with some restrictions. This is because the cooperative in the reboot of the Saints Row unit , so if the organizer or joined the player wants to leave on his own, this is quite possible. Any progress players who make in a cooperative will also be transferred to their own games, which will make a joint experience a useful occupation for both sides.

However, if the players are undergoing a mission that is ahead of their current progress, they have nothing to worry about, since the game will not force them to pass it again. In short, as soon as the players get to the part that they completed in the game of their friend, the mission will be completed. marked as completed .


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