Tower of Fantasy wins Genshin Impact on one of the most important systems for the community

Tower of Fantasy has a spectacular painting and much of video game fans with anime aesthetics are waiting for their launch in the West for months. However, it is a title with a monetization system that has already become known massively as Gacha. A way to generate income not too friendly to the community that forces to analyze, in addition to the quality of the game itself, the fair of the awards we can obtain if we decide to spend some money.

This is how Tower of Fantasy’s banners system works

Make invocations in the Tower of Fantasy Banners system, called Simulacrum, serves to get characters and weapons . In this way, we can use the aspect of the heroes that we obtain or simply equip their weapons and skills to our protagonist. What we achieve, in any case, is to increase our power to perform better in combat. In general terms there are no major differences with respect to other games of this style, although if we focus on details we realize that they do exist.

  • Invocations in Tower of Fantasy allows us to get weapons of three, four or five stars. Those of four (SR) or five stars (SSR) include a drill (character) that we can control.
  • In combat and exploration, we can change weapons at any time.

  • It is possible to deactivate the character obtained and use our own hero keeping the weapon, skills and other playable characteristics.


Tower of Fantasy is much friendlier than Genshin Impact

Many players who are pending Tower of Fantasy will arrive in the world of Aida directly from Teyvayt, and have to know that the title of Perfect World is well above Hoyverse’s in terms of monetization. In short, Obtaining characters is much simpler . This is due to several reasons. The first is that each character is equipped with their own weapon, which will avoid having to duplicate (or triple) our investment to get the perfect equipment. This obviousness is combined with two less obvious and equally interesting aspects.

  1. The basic probability of SSR characters (equivalent to 5 stars) is between 0.75% and 2% . This means that even in the most unfavorable stage it is superior to that of Genshin Impact.
  2. The Pity is not restarted . Although we have a SSR character in our 15 run, we will not lose the guarantee or the increase in probabilities and we have assured a SSR in the number 80 roll.

The truth is that The numbers are very favorable to Tower of Fantasy in the comparison. It would still be about to verify the importance of constellations, which in the rarest characters in Genshin Impact is rarely too much. However, the perfect world game starts with a lot of advantage in terms of getting characters.

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