The problem of playing Xenoblade 3 in an atmosphere. Liz and Lukas Mahous bag is fun. Play Beat Reflation with Remarks Cancel Patch. This weeks gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 348th time. Be careful about your physical condition.

I hate the yen with a weakness

This week, I played a little bit of Beat Reflation that became a hot topic. Compatibility with Steam Deck is unrecorded, but works without any problems. And the regulation cancellation patch can also be introduced. In the desktop mode that can be handled as a normal PC, put the patch file in the specified folder. However, it just returned to the CERO: D content, which was announced for the Nintendo Switch version. You can see the caution of the developer.

Speaking of which, STEAM DECK domestic reservations have started. There are three models for each storage capacity, and the large capacity is guided to be high. However, if you look at the load time verification video overseas, it is not uncommon for 64GB or microSD to be faster than the built-in 512GB. In addition, the value of the 512GB version of the 512GB version is likely to change depending on whether the protective film is applied. I wonder if we should choose according to the budget, considering this area, with a view to expanding with microSD.

by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Action-style rogue rike that features item management

This week, we are playing a roggy-like + action Liz and Luka’s Mahou Bag, which focuses on item management. This work is arranged in an action-like real-time progress, such as Kazerai no Shiren and Torneko’s Great Adventure. Furthermore, the management of items has introduced elements that can enhance earning and players. First, if you collect three or more items with the same name and arrange them in the horizontal/vertical row, the items will be synthesized and the correction value and the number of uses will increase. There are also spirit stones that are effective by placing them in their ownership. A twin star spirit stone that enhances the number of items of 4 squares around, twin stars that enable magical simultaneous triggers and multiple equipment on the bracelet, assimilation of all items in the above synthesis. It is an element that has a great effect by using it well, such as a spirit stone.

In this work, the above-mentioned item synthesis and spirit stone are the key to capture, and when the enhancement is successful, flashy game play is developed. For example, the twin spirit stones have no upper limit of synthesis, so it is possible to shake several weapons at the same time. The inflation condition when riding in track is quite refreshing. There were some parts that seemed to be rough, such as the difficulty of securing food and the balance of weapons/magic, but it was a fun and fun work for item management.
by. Keiichi yokoyama


Even if you win or lose, festival fuss

I was playing Gigabash released the other day. This work is a look-looking action game. Large monsters, super robots, and heroes rampage while crushing the town. In addition to guards, dashes, jumping, there are abundant actions such as weak, strength, reservoir attacks, and throwing techniques. There are also bargaining such as throwing techniques against guards, anti-aircraft attacks against jump attacks. Therefore, gameplay is an impression similar to a fighting game. In addition, picking up objects in the stage and using them for attacks, accumulating gauge and becoming huge. These elements are reminiscent of Dreamcast’s Power Stone, as described in the store page.

The graphics are rich, and the monster crushing the town is impressive. The design of a little eerie monster is also very favorite because it has a special effects. On the other hand, all monsters move lightly, so it’s cute to be messed up. Although the story mode is short, it is quite a great appearance with elaborate productions. It is regrettable that the recording story is only for 4 characters at the moment. On the other hand, in interpersonal battles, the tactics that were effective against the CPU partner were hardly accepted, and they were struggling. However, such difficulties are not so much difficult in the festival of the festive monster battle. Aiming to be the strongest monster, we have repeated trial and error.
by. Hideaki FUJIWARA

I don’t understand generally

This week I got sick and I couldn’t go to Bitsummit. I was playing Xenoblade 3 while being highly fever. So, this is Xenoblade 3, but I tend to play in an atmosphere, probably because it’s a game to play. The chain attack and the smash chain are somehow decided. Because the auto mode is excellent, it can be done anyway. I don’t know when to interrink. So I tend to play in an atmosphere.

This work has been abolished compared to past works, making it easier to play in an atmosphere. The equipment system itself is basically shifted to a job system, and it is not an equipment base but an arts/skill basis. There are some parts that I don’t know if I have become stronger on the way. And because of the gone in the mass delivery quest format, I don’t know what it can be used for even if I get items. This can be said for the whole game, but the impression that there are few short-term things in the reward interval. There aren’t many things that can be used immediately even if you get items. Overall, the design as a game that plays for a long time is conspicuous. In that sense, I think it’s okay to play in an atmosphere now. After clearing, I’m looking forward to what my impressions will happen.
by. Ayuo Kawase

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