Volvee, right, and Anivia switched to Woodir Remake

Last year, a new appearance of Woodir, which was ranked No. 1 in the League of Legends (Roll) champion remake user votes, was released. The original direction to change the four postures was maintained, but the four poems were changed to the Frel Yid-native champion, showing a stronger cohesion with the region and the worldview.

Riot Games released a video of the Woody Remake version on the official YouTube channel on the 6th. Two-minute video shows the gameplay that is different from the concept of Woodir, called the Spirit Guardian. Woody is a champion from Frel Yod, but he deals with the power of animal spirits that have not been from origin.


More specifically, four postures are used, including bears, rams, wild boars, and phoenix, the bear is Bolibear, the number is up, and the Phoenix is Anivia. This is not just a concept, but also applied to actual play, and the battle and external features of each champion are shown as Woody’s new skills and visual effects. In addition, the wild boar has never appeared as a role champion, but there was a mention of the wild boar’s anti-body in the roll world, and Sejuana from Frel Yodo is riding the wild boar Brisle.

For the changed Woodir play, fans positively evaluated the fact that the theme of Frel Yod’s spirit shaman and the ultimate-down ultimate was created. The timing of the ‘Woody’ remake update, which was released this time, has not been announced yet, but as the video introducing the main play is released, it is expected to be available soon.

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