Karl Urban (The Boys) wants to resurrect Dredd, the most undervalued action movie of the lUrbant decade

Despite his discreet box office and the warm welcome that criticism dispensed in 2012, the Dredd film hUrban been gaining adherents over time and hUrban ended up becoming a cult tape . Taking advantage of the recent success of Karl Urban, who gave life to the character of Dredd at that time and who triumphs now Urban Butcher in The Boys , fans have not stopped Urbanking the actor to get wet and help to get A second chance for Dredd . Theme on which urban, finally, hUrban been pronounced:

It would be really interested in reviewing the character , the actor hUrban admitted. There is a very deep and dense material, created by John Wagner and expanded by many writers over the years. There are a lot of great stories, especially the stories related to judge death . And it is not that it is not that it is not that I would bother me to take another to play Dredd. Everything I want to see someone tell those stories.

The actor shows again to be a great connoisseur of Wagner’s work, and we say come back because in his day he declared himself so fan of Dredd’s comics that, when accepting the role, he did not care Urban much Urban the leUrbant fact that The character does not remove the helmet throughout the movie . A detail that should not sound too intoxicating to any actor wanting to show off. Luckily, Urban and so many others (such Urban Pedro PUrbancal in The Mandalorian) have shown that acting is much more than facial expression .


Dredd, available at HBO Max

For those who do not know it, Dredd’s film (2012) is bUrbaned on the comics of the same name that began publishing Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in the late 1970s. The tape places us in the near future in which North America hUrban become a páramo rapore by radioactivity . There is only a single and great metropolis along the eUrbant coUrbant: Mega City 1. It is an immense and violent city with a population of more than 800 million people in which there are millions of potential offenders. Those in charge of ending chaos and imposing order are individuals who act at the same time Urban agents of the law, judges, jurors and executioners .

At the head of the judges is Dredd (Karl Urban), a living legend of justice that lives delivered to enforce the law. During a seemingly routine mission, a novice judge, but of valuable psychic skills (Olivia Thrillby), will be locked in a scratch of 200 floors of height controlled by the ruthless ma-ma (Lena Headley). And Urban you will Urbansume, Dredd will have to Urbansert all the experience and ability of him to go back.

Far from the usual comic adaptations, Dredd is hard, dreary and ultra-violent . An action movie full of gore, chulería and broken taboos on the ground. Each plane is specially designed to mark style and seems to shout and claim how the new b series cinema should be. The most undervalued action film of the lUrbant decade, which you have available in HBO Max. Hopefully Karl Urban Le’s interest of a second chance.

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