GTA, The Witcher & a lot more: 20 Entirely insane copy protection measures

In order to secure their video games from piracy, publishers have actually repeatedly put extremely bizarre ideas into technique in the past. We reveal you right here from The Witcher to Grand Theft Auto 20 of the insane copy protection measures in the pc gaming sector.

GTA, Ape Island, The Witcher: copy protection in video games

As for the copy protection criterion is concerned, a whole lot has occurred in the past 40 years-and countless of the procedures were not just reliable, but likewise fairly strange . In the image collection at the end of this post, we present the 20 most interested measures to secure video clip games from unlawful piracy.

The video game market has had to manage pirated photo copiers given that its early days **. With the development of the tool and also its information service providers, the piracy has likewise developed-but on the various other hand, the pirate copy protection measures were additionally adjusted and also restored.

pirated photo copier without a possibility against these safety actions

While at the starting it was mainly safety measures that influenced basic beginning the game, the approaches later fine-tuned themselves a growing number of. Steps ended up being prominent with the moment that changed the gameplay in the occasion of unapproved duplicates as well as actively trolled pirated copiers – for instance, by merely iced up the game soon prior to the showdown or did not work correctly such as targeting.

From The Secret of Ape Island to Grand Theft Auto 4 to Batman: Arkham Asylum-in the past piry photo copier has stubbornly tried to get duplicates of games for nothing while the programmers tried to stop this.

The 20 most innovative as well as curious of these copy protection measures can be checked out below in our image collection:

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