Mr. Tolkin announces the development of a new game Nakatsutsukuni -Private Division and Wētā Workshop partners

The take-to-interactive public label PRIVATE DIVISION has been developed in collaboration with Wētā Workshop to develop games set in the world of Naka-Tsutsukuni based on J.P.R Tolkin.

Wētā Workshop established the game section in 2014. J.P.R Tolkin’s original license for the Nakatsutsukuni is owned by Middle Earth Enterprise, but WETA WORKSHOP has various creative licenses that interpret the tradition of this literary work. thing.

Michael Worosz, director of the Supreme Strategy Officer and Private Division of take-to-interactive, said that he was very happy to be able to launch a game set in this famous world in partnership with Wētā Workshop. The IP Ob The Ring has created so many wonderful stories, stating that Wētā Workshop is a suitable team to create a unique and new game experience in the middle country.

Wētā Workshop’s interactive department, Amie Wolken, is honored to be able to produce completely different games that fans have played in a middle country. He says that gamers are looking forward to searching for the middle countries in an unprecedented way, and being able to introduce the magic of Ring Story to new players.

This new work is in the early stage of development and will be released in 2024 take-to-interactive. Details will be announced at any time.

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