Tickets for the cup video game in Hünsborn offered from tomorrow

On Wednesday night (7 p.m.) SC Preußen Münster will satisfy the national organization group RW Hünsborn in the very first round in the Krombacher Westphalia Cup.
All Prussian followers who intend to accompany the eagle providers to the Sauerland at this mug job have the chance to take benefit in Münster on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The maps that arrived in Münster on Friday night are offered in the 2 follower shops on Fiffi-Gerritzen-Weg 1 as well as in the Münster Arkaden.
Complete payers pay EUR 10, youngsters from 14 to 18 * years.
Admission is free for every person under 14 years.

There are no other affordable tickets.
In Hünsborn there will additionally be a ticket office with tickets from 6 p.m.
* 16 years are incorrect on the day tickets.

This is a printing mistake.

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