LOL professional player will appoint his son in an honor to a champion

Naming a child is never an easy task. We must consider endless factors. However, for Chan-Yong Ambition Kang, one of the most recognized professional players of League of Legends _, This decision was quite simple, since the answer was always in front of him.

Through a live broadcast, Ambition revealed that the firstborn of his will be born next December, which he plans to appoint Jarvan V . For all league of legends players, this name will be immediately recognizable. However, for those who are not familiar with Moba, Kang’s son will honor the champion known as Jarvan IV.


Although at the first instance this can be seen as a random selection, the reality is that Ambition and Jarvin IV have a long history together. During the WorldLegends_ Legends_ Then, and even obtained a special Skin at Kang’s request.

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