Dragon Ball Super will have pause in its manga version

One of the arches that liked the most in Dragon Ball Super is that of Granola the survivor, which many thought was to end as in the month of June or July. However, this extended more than expected, which is why just soon it will come to an end with a scene that would not give indications of what awaits us in the next saga.

During the adventure that our two main characters had, a villain of great power known as Gas was met, who gave them a rough battle for enough volumes of the manga. In addition, we have a new context of the father of Goku , Bardok , who would show the two Survivors, the true meaning of the pride of his race.

As for the return date for printed publication, it is not yet confirmed, so it is an indefinite strike while new ideas arrive to those responsible for bringing chapters weekly. Of course, there are ideas that already have in mind, but toyotaro wants to clarify some points to make way towards the next level of Goku and his friends.

In news related to the world of ** Dragon ball. In case you want to read his full message to the Fandom of the franchise, we invite you to click on the following link.

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