Saints Row: All trophies and successes of the action game

In our Trophy Guide for Saints Row , you can find out:

  • How many trophies are in Saints Row
  • What you have to do to get all the successes
  • How you get the platinum trophy

If you have just started the game, we recommend our tips guide to Saints Row.

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there are so many trophies in Saints Row

Saints Row offers a total of 51 trophies on the PS4 and PS5 . These are divided as follows:

42x bronze *
6x silver
2x gold
* 1x platinum

On Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X, you can expect 50 successes, which give you a total of 1,000 points in the Gamerscore **.

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Saints Row: All bronze trophies

For the bronze trophies you have to play Saints Row at least once in co-op mode, because you have to play a prank for your Witzbold success.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
An emerging empire Switch on level 2 of the gangster empire. Bronze 15
Power game Switch on level 3 of the gangster empire free. Bronze 20
The masters of Santo Ileso Switch on level 4 of the gangster empire free. Bronze 20
It’s a bird! Complete all Wingsuit challenges. Bronze 20
Shopping tour Buy an object in every shop. Bronze 15
Kidnapped Being dragged from a car by a pedestrian. Bronze 10
Whoever finds it can keep it Get five items in the collective object app. Bronze 10
Untouchable Complete ten occasional crimes. Bronze 15
The professional Complete all jobs on the search for. Bronze 25
Hardworking bees Complete all the secondary transactions. Bronze 40
Side job Complete a secondary business. Bronze 10
Liquidation Complete a job on the search for. Bronze 10
The first verb@! Te tag Complete the first day. Bronze 20
Challenge accepted Complete 25 challenges. Bronze 10
Guarded Adapt a vehicle. Bronze 10
Optimized Adapt a weapon. Bronze 10
Status symbols Adjust a weapon, a vehicle, a piece of clothing and your skin with a cutting edge material. Bronze 10
Chaosbändler Defeat all members of the Idol’s collective. Bronze 25
Bonus round Destroy a car with the Pugnus Sanctus dei. Bronze 10
Dizzy Guide a barrel roll. Bronze 10
Land owner Place a criminal project. Bronze 10
Work ethos Complete a criminal project. Bronze 15
Mechanic Improve a vehicle maximum. Bronze 20
Top equipped Improve a weapon maximum. Bronze 20
Et tu? Will be revealed by a friend. Bronze 20
Employee assessment Be fired. Bronze 20
To the limit Reach the highest level. Bronze 25
To be set off dispute Defeat a miniboss from every faction. Bronze 15
Demolition bulb Kill an opponent with a towed object. Bronze 10
Panor breaking Kill a tank driver with the quantum opening. Bronze 15
Make yourself a name Give your gangster empire a name. Bronze 20

On a good neighborhood | Complete five districts in Santo Ileso. | Bronze | 20
Space in the wardrobe | Own 100 different items of clothing. | Bronze | 20
Joker | Play a prank to a co-op partner. | Bronze | 10
Cool Moves | Buy two Emotes. | Bronze | 10
A car called Simone | Perform a four-time baking flip with super air control. | Bronze | 10
Free replenishment | Fill the push beam 3 times in a row with an endless thrust. | Bronze | 10
Food | Bring an opponent with a vending machine. | Bronze | 10
Tourist | Complete the photo cherry search. | Bronze | 20
Public relations | Complete ten districts in Santo Ileso. | Bronze | 20
Fiesta time | Meet a fired piñata with the Piñata-Stock. | Bronze | 15
Refrigerated | Open the style app for the first time. | Bronze | 10

Saints Row: All silver trophies

Only if you collect Collectibles in Saints Row , can you secure all silver trophies.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Golden times Switch on level 5 of the gangster empire free. Silver 40
Hansdampf in all alleys Get every advantage. Silver 25
The collector Get 85 objects in the collective object app. Silver 25
Showdown Complete the showdown. Silver 50
So you like cars Switch off all special upgrades for vehicles. Silver 25

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Saints Row: gold and platinum trophies

At the end of the action-packed gangster adventure, the coveted platinum trophy perfectionist*in awaits you on the PS4 and PS5.
Name | Description | Trophy | Gamerscore
On tour | Complete all loyalty orders.
| Gold | 50
We could go home or… | Sing with the Saints Karaoke.

| Gold | 75
Everything mine | Complete all 15 districts in Santo Ileso.
| Gold | 50
Switch off all trophies.
| Platinum |-

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