Where to catch the Tavnair squid in Final Fantasy XIV

The traumatic squid is one of the most difficult fish for fishing, or rather squids, in Final Fantasy XIV. The requirement of several preliminary conditions and the need to catch fish on fishing holes of level 85 is difficult to land. This is where and how to catch the Tavnair squid in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get a Tavnair squid in ffxiv

The first step towards obtaining Tavnair squids in the Final Fantasy XIV is to unlock Folio of ichthyological folklore-Ilsabard and northern void. For this you will need 16 The regional merchant of folklore C. They are sold for 100 White Gather’s Scrips by Gather’s merchants Script.

When you have 16 regional folklore merchants, you will need to talk with luxury merchant in RADZ-At-Khan . They are located on the eastern bazaar Baltes (X: 11.4, Y: 9.2) . Buy a folio and use it to unlock a place to catch Tavnair squid.

How to catch a Tavnair squid in Final Fantasy XIV

Tavnair squid can be caught on fishing pit Perfumed Tides is located in Thavnair, in ILSABARD (x: 7.3 Y: 7.6). Medium-sized fish, it does not require any advanced fishing methods, only strips of mackerel or universal baits.

Universal bait

Universal baits are the most useful bait for the late game at Endwalker. It should be your bait/default bait for almost every fish that you catch at 81-90. Tavnair squids are no exception. Look for two exclamation marks (!!) when you catch fish, and there is a high probability that this is a Tavnair squid.

Why are Tavnair squids used in FFXIV

Tavnair squids are used in a pair of high-level culinary recipes, which are in great demand after a patch 6.2. This is Kalamarakia Tiganita and Calamari Ripieni. Both are culinary recipes of the 90th level that can be obtained from the books of Master Culinarian IX.

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