How to get a horseman of an island onion prince in Final Fantasy XIV

For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Square Enix did everything possible, adding new sled animals and minions, especially for the island sanctuary. These include a trio of sled animals in the style of Mandragorgora, including the ISLE ONENICE PROSENCE. But how exactly will you get the Mountain of the Prince of Luke in FFXIV?

Buying an ISLENON Prince Mount

The top animal of the island onion prince can be purchased in the island sanctuary U The terrible Black NPC (X: 12.6, Y: 28.4, Z: 0.4) . This is available for 12,000 sea kauri . Sea Kauri is one of the new currencies earned in the island refuge, along with island experience and island Kauri.

They are used both to improve your island sanctuary, and for the purchase of minions, vehicles and glamorous equipment in the sanctuary. However, since they are used both to improve your island sanctuary, and for the purchase of collection items, it is better to be careful before spending them all on the maunks!

Unlock NPC Terrible Black in the island sanctuary.

After you build the first building in your shelter, the NPC terrible keeper will appear. Cozy cabin I . NPC Terrible Broadword, along with an enterprising exporter, will be inside the cabin, immediately behind the counter. They are your main source of trade and envelope of the currency in the island sanctuary!

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