Xbox head reveals its position against NFT

In recent years, NFTs have become a rather controversial issue in the video game industry, with various companies supporting this trend, while others simply oppose them. In this way, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox , has joined this conversation, pointing out that he is not ready to abandon this market completely.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Spencer was questioned about the possible use of NFTs in Xbox games, as well as other play-to-oarn monetization systems , pointing out that he feels cautious but He doesn’t want to rule out any new technology. This was what he said about it:

Playing to win specifically is something that I am cautious. Create a workforce of players so that certain players moneticen. To be fair with us, in the games industry, this has existed for years and years. There have been gold farmers: people who literally spend their time to perform housework in a game to accumulate some money that can then sell to some rich player for real money, so that this person does not have to spend his time. But now you find games that are beginning to incorporate that into the economy of the game itself.

I think it is sometimes a hammer in search of a nail when these technologies arise. But real human use, or the use of players in our case, of these technologies, I think there could be some interesting things.

Although this is the position of Phil Spencer, we must not forget that Xbox has already taken a position about it, since a long time ago, Mojang made it clear that they do not want to see NFT or other similar monetization type in Minecraft, position which Spencer has also taken about it.

However, is not ruled out for the possibility that we will eventually see the implementation of the blockchain or the NFT in some product of the company . In related issues, YouTuber converts Pokémon’s most expensive letter into an NFT. Similarly, the networks have made fun of the NFT console.


Editor’s note:

In comparison of what was seen at the beginning of the year, the NFT tendency has decreased substantially, to the degree that many companies that at the beginning support this market, have abandoned it, as is the case of Ubisoft, so it is very likely that it is very likely Xbox remains away from NFT.

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