Comiket 100 Doujin Game & Game Review Doujinshi Pickup! Rogue Light Act Yumen Sakura Sakura and Broken Heart ADV A

Comic Market (C100, Comiket 100), a large doujin event that celebrated the 100th anniversary of August 13 and August 14. This time, we will pick up and deliver doujin games/game criticism doujinshi that I found at the Tokyo Big Sight venue.

The doujin game genre is not summarized on the first day, and the game-related books are arranged on the second day and other games and others. Therefore, in this article, the first page is divided into a doujin game, and the second page is divided into game doujinshi.

West Hall: Doujin Game genre

Predator and WRECK predators and collapse/SNYM

SNYM distributed a PC version with a bonus for the first-person stealth science fiction horror Predator and WRECK predators and collapse with no countermeasures. This work was originally sold at Steam in May 2022, and has been developed for Nintendo Switch in addition to PCs. In addition, the development of the English version has started. Also, when I talked to the person in charge of the booth, it was difficult to develop the game once.

VARIAVLE ARMS Frontier A planet with the Akatsuki Princess/Unlimited Games

Unlimited Games distributes the trial version of ** Variavle Arms Frontier, the Princess of the Dawn, Unlimited Sky, and Unlimited Blade, and Unlimited Blade, which incorporates open worlds, flight shooting, and robot elements. was doing. When I heard the story of the circle, this work has been developed because there was no robot game in recent years, and the progress is still about 10%. He said that he would take a long time to start full-scale development. In addition, the three-dimensional object that output the robot that appeared in the game with a 3D printer was displayed.

Yumen Sakura Sakura-kaku/Electric cat play

Electric cat Yugi was announcing the announcement of Genshi Sakuraro Raku and distributing the DL card/package version of the past Unity Unions. When I talked to the Circle representative, Mr. Hosen Ka, the new work Yumen Sakura Sakura-kaku is a Rogue Light 3D action game, and the development progress is about 20%to 30%, which is planned to be full-scale development in the future. That said. In addition, a trial version is distributed to the exhibition of Comiket 100. When I played the trial version, it is amazing that it is still well done, including character models and attack animations, even though it is still in the development of development. It is a title that you can not wait for completion.


COROCOM distributed T-shirts as a playable exhibition of 25things of Survival Horror TPS and a new book IMPERSONATION that includes setting information. 25things is a prototype version of the main part IMPERSONATION (provisional), a mini game that has nothing to do with the main part that defeats 25 zombies.

When I talked to Corocom, this work is a work that has been strongly influenced by Resident Evil RE2, and the gore expression, which is the leader of defects, is strong. Although the current development progress is different, it is said that it may be completed suddenly depending on the mood because it is continuing to develop between the main business. I played this work that was exhibited for about 3 minutes, but when I moved back, I was worried that the play character would be facing directly behind, but it is basic including the enemy zombie. It seemed that the movement was almost out. It is a work that I want to wait for the completion, including the contents of the main story shown in the trailer. We plan to exhibit at Digige Expo in the future.

Call from Abyss (provisional)/day-to-day manageMent

The original game production circle day-to-day manageMent exhibited the new 2D platformer Call from the Abyss (tentative) and distributed the previous work NECROTOPIA. According to SHU, who was in charge of graphic design and planning, the development progress of the new work was only a few percent, and this playable exhibition/distribution version was just incorporated for the time being. He also said that it took five years to complete the previous work NECROTOPIA, so he said he would like to complete this work in three years if possible.

When I played the playable work for a few minutes, it was certainly a state where assets were incorporated, but what kind of story was developed, including deep-sea creatures and NPC graphics. It is a visual that makes you look forward to whether it is.

Haluiro’s Setna/Galex Soft

Circle GALEX Soft has distributed the triangular ADV Haruiro’s Setna-COMPLETE EDITION- and announced the new Haluiro and Setsuna 2. When I talked to the person in charge of the booth, Haluiro and Setsuna distributed this time were only half of the last winter comic version, so it is a complete version incorporating the other half. This work is a painlessly sweet triangular love story with two girls who are at the mercy of the fate composed of the full voice. This work is developed not only in BOOTH but also in DLSITE, but the Steam version seems to be considered.

** Story of Show! Me!

Doujin novel game production circle Sasachan distributed a new chapter ** Story of Show! Me! ME! According to the explanation of the official website of the circle, SHOW! ME! Is a project that makes free things and expresses story drama content and live performance. Story of develops a story based on the illustrations of Yuki Kanamaru, but the past work AIMAI ★ Iduru! In the live-action capture full voice visual novel, you will be surprised by the width of the expression.

Hiroic Syndrome/A9 Organization

The Circle A9 Organization distributed the latest trial version of the Rogue Light Multi Play Action Hiroic Syndrome and the past work Jewel Princess. When I talked to the booth representative, the progress of Heroise Syndrome is in full swing. He also said that it was a multi-pre-polic-like, but it was possible to play with single, and that about 4 people had a good balance of the trial version. In addition, it seems that the route changes are included according to the video released at the booth.

Looking at the past teaser on the official website of the A9 Organization, you can see that the genre has been changed halfway because the genre was originally attached to the Tactical Dominate Card Battle. It has been published for the first time in 2017, so it has been working for at least five years to develop). As far as the video published at the booth, you can feel that you have brushed up a lot at a certain timing, so it is a work that you want to get to complete.


BREAKPOINT2 (provisional)/serious Furusu

Magic Furasu was distributed with the trial version of the new vertical scrolling STG Breakpoint2 (provisional) and the past work Breakpoint. According to the story of the circle, this work is a work that greatly improves the quality of dot painting than the previous work. In addition, the development progress has started from the beginning of 2022 and the basics of the game are generally established. The previous work took two years to develop, so this work may take the same or more.

He also stated that the title name is temporary, so the name may change depending on the development status. When I played the trial version of this work distributed, the delicacy of the dot painting has a taste like Cave STG, but the game speed is slow and the left and right action range is quite wide, so the conventional barrage STG. I felt a different play feeling. It is a work I want to look forward to with the basic part of the basic part.

A-LINE/mass loss

The mass deficiency distributed the package version and secondary readings of the ADV A-line that ended their first love. This work is a work that can be played on a PC and a smartphone (browser), and the player is I and touches various objects in the room of Mina-chan. According to the story from Mr. Matsuoka in the circle, A-LINE was a title developed in about 3 months.

When you actually play it, it expresses a fleeting atmosphere that focuses on the player’s awareness, including the illustrations and text of the character, and it is a work that makes you feel the accumulation of development experience that you can not imagine in about 3 months. 。 This work is released for free, so why not play it here?

In addition, there is a video of the collection of trailers from each circle from Eruwasuna Narina, which is the C100 held, so please see here.

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