Blizzard, Diablo 2 Reserver 2.5 Patch PC Test Server

Blizzard Entertainment applied 2.5 Characters to the PC Public Test Server on the 25th of the PC Nucle and Slash Action RPG Diablo 2 leisure.

In the 2.5 patch, which can be experienced on the open test server, the new and experimental content of fear is presented.

You can selectively play the area of fear that you can enjoy the journey of reaching level 99 in a slightly more novel way.

In addition, when playing the game after activating the realm of fear, the burning hell army focuses on a certain area in an hour, and the level and power of all monsters in the area will be stronger.

The experience and equipment that can be obtained and obtained are also given to the stronger levels, so the user motivates to continue the adventure in various regions by traveling around the sanctuary.

In this patch, in addition to the area of fear, various convenience improvements and bug modifications that reflect the voices of the community will be tested.

The changes applied to the public test server are not yet confirmed, and the developers plan to adjust the finals that will be applied to the live server later while listening to the community feedback.


Users with Diablo 2 leisure PC license can play a new test server in the drop-down menu on the Runnet, install the client, and play new changes in advance.

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