Saints Row: Optimize PC graphics settings

Saints Row has comparatively low system requirements for an open-world game. Nevertheless, it can happen that the game does not run smoothly with you. In this guide you can find out:

  • What system requirements the game has exactly

  • Which graphics options are requesting your graphics card
  • With which settings you improve the performance

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does Saints Row really need an RTX 3080ti? The system requirements

Saints Row has his beautiful and ugly moments . The desert landscapes in particular can impress with the correct lighting mood. On the other hand, the buildings look quite detailed.

For this, the Open World Baller runs easily on the older system. With an Intel i3 or an AMD Ryzen 3 as well as a GTX 970 or Radeon RX 480 you get the game in Full HD with 30 frames. And you don’t have to do without all graphics settings.

On the other hand, if you want to play in 4K with 60 FPS on Ultra , the developer volition recommends at least one GeForce RTX 3080ti or a Radeon RX 6800xt. And we can immediately say: you don’t need that.

For the performance test we used a Razer Blade 17 Pro with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, an Intel i7 and 16 GB RAM . The game runs without problems on Ultra in 4K with activated ray tracing and at least 60 frames. Hardly more than 3 GB VRAM were taken into account.

So if you have a RTX of the 30s generation, sets all settings to the maximum before the game starts and take a look at the result. If you are still missing a few frames, you can start optimizing the graphics settings.

These options bring you more performance

The graphics settings in Saints Row are impressive: Almost every point in the virtual world can be optically adapted according to your wishes . Also nice that you can see the effect of many options directly in the menu as a preview. With these settings you get a better performance.

The shadow quality

Shadows are a performance brake. Depending on the traffic and passing density, you will lose two to three frames. ** The shadow quality quietly puts the shadow quality on medium, but not necessarily lower: then you get unsightly edge flickering.

With the vehicle shades, on the other hand, you can stay with high . Here the deactivation of the effect brings very little performance and it could no longer be brought out as a frame.

the reflections

Reflections also require a lot of your graphics card. There are six frames difference between the lowest and the highest settings, provided you have activated or screwed all three options.

You should use the following settings for performance problems:

General reflections: * Means
Easy reflections: high
Visual cone reflection: Means

the textures

In Saints Row, the textures do not claim that much performance compared to other open world games . Nevertheless, two frames can be brought out here.


On the one hand, you choose the texture cache size and on the other hand the general texture quality **. For the former you define how much memory should be made available for calculating the quality. If you do not have enough RAM / VRAM for your setting, your graphics card will have problems calculating the other details.

The selection of high is not a problem for potent computers. Just 30 percent are used by a Geforce RTX 3070. If you have a GTX 1070 or a comparable model, you should select at least the medium option.

The texture filter quality, on the other hand, brings little performance . Here you can easily set on anisoptropic 8x or higher. If you want to get more of your own system, put it on trilinear.


Raytracing needs most of the performance . If you deactivate the realistic illumination, you can gain about eight frames. Unfortunately, you hardly notice a big graphic difference in Saints Row.

Only in the Las Vegas district with its neon illuminating advertising tables does Raytracing play its strengths. So if you don’t want to do without nice effects on the water or your car, you should set ray tracing to high.

A question of taste: the depth of field

The depth sharpness does not bring you any performance bonus if you deactivate them. You should only ask yourself whether you want to use the effect. Unfortunately, the vague points of distant areas does not look as elegant as it is actually the case.

However, since the textures of the skyline are not particularly detailed, it does not necessarily require a crunchy sharp picture in the distance. Here you can choose according to your personal taste.

these settings no longer bring performance

The remaining settings bring you hardly frames .
Therefore, you should only screw them down if everything else has helped nothing.
At the point anti-aliasing you can sometimes get one or two more FPS, provided your graphics card is worse than an RTX 2080. But make sure whether you discover unsightly edge flickering and artifacts on the walls when you down.
If this is the case, you have to deactivate raytracing or select Tssaa 8x again.
Also Horzion Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) hardly brings any additional performance while playing.
Since you cannot select any alternatives such as SSAO or HDAO+ at the moment, this setting can remain on normal without any problems.
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