Bold slit and big Imechen! FF7R Tifa with a fighter -style dress 2 new figures, reservation start

Square Enix has started accepting reservations for the new figure Tifa Rock Heart-Fighter Dress Ver.- from Final Fantasy VII Remake .

Tifa, wearing a fighter-style dress, appears in Static Arts and Play Arts Kai. In each case, her hair is tied in a dumpling, and she represents a large image change from her usual girlfriend in a long dress with slits.

At Static Arts, she sits on a chair and looks like a pose that looks like here from below. The specialty of the static arts, such as the texture of her luxury dress and a well-balanced body line, is also a gem of highlights.

In the Play Arts Kai, the lower part from the waist of her dress is an independent part, and the range of motion of the legs is secured. Her attached parts have a different face and various expressions, and a wide range of scenes in the play can be reproduced.

In each case, the price is 19,580 yen (tax included), and the release time is also scheduled for March 25, 2023. We are accepting reservations on the official EC site SQUARE ENIX E-STORE.

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