Fallout: New Vegas Fanmaid Large MOD Fallout: Nuevo Mexico latest trailer!

The latest trailer of Fallout: Nuevo Mexico developed by fans as a large MOD for Fallout: New Vegas has been released.

This MOD, set in 2255, is a work featuring a heavy RPG experience inspired by Fallout and Fallout 2. It has multiple new factions, companions, traveling to various states and locations, and new activities. The trailer shows the state of Tibbet’s Prison, where various prisoners are imprisoned.


According to overseas Fallout Wiki, Tibbet’s Prison also existed in the Black Isle Studios version of Fallout 3 (code name VAN BUREN), which was discontinued in 2003, and the work is a prisoner. It seems that it was a story that started from a place where a hero escaped from Tibbet’s Prison. This MOD may incorporate such a storehouse idea.

The release time of the Fallout: Nuevo Mexico mod, which is a DLC-class volume, is undecided.

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