[News] Twice the Thunderbolt! USB4 v2.0 announcement

The USB promoter group, which moves quickly to improve the function and performance of the USB solution, officially announced the USB4 V2.0, which can transmit more than two times more data than the USB4 of the existing 40Gbps bandwidth on September 1 (local time). This is about twice the existing Thunderbolt bandwidth. In addition, the company has added that it will update the C type connector, cable and USB PD standards that will support the USB.

The core contents of this announcement are protocol updates for high performance implementation of USB 3.2 or higher in 80Gbps, a high-performance implementation of USB 3.2, DisplayPort ™ and PCI Express® (PCIE®) support.

The 80Gbps bandwidth USB4 V2.0 currently uses 40Gbps USB Type-C passive cable, new physical layer architecture, and newly defined 80Gbps USB-C active cable. In addition, by updating the USB data architecture, USB 3.2 data tunneling can exceed 20Gbps bandwidth and support the latest version of DisplayPort and PCIe specifications.

Brad Sonders, chairman of the USB promoter group chairman, said, The newly updated USB4 specifications provide higher levels of function to the USB C type ecosystem by double the data performance. The display, storage, USB-based hubs, and poison will gain the biggest advantage as the speed improvement.

The final update and details will be announced prior to the 2022 USB DevDays in Seattle, Washington, USA on November 1-2 and November 16-16. The USB4 V2.0 inherits the history of traditional USB standards, supporting sub-compatibility below the USB4 version 1.0 or less.

USB4 v2.0 Main contents

· Implement up to 80Gbps operating speed based on new physical layer architecture using existing 40Gbps USB C type passive cable and 80Gbps USB type active cable

· Data and display protocol updates that can make use of the increasing bandwidth more effectively

USB 3.2 Data Tunneling Speed 20Gbps with USB Data Architecture Update

Update progress according to the latest versions of DisplayPort and PCIe specifications

USB4 Version 1.0, USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Sub-compatible support with Thunderbolt ™ 3

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