[Review] Game that forgot fun, Saints Row

Reboot’s first step. But I missed something.

When the news spread that the Saintslow series was rebooted, gamers expected two things. One said, ‘Can you show the crazy emotions of the series before?’ And the other is, ‘Can you show better than before?’

‘Reboot’ is a common method in the game series where there was no news of the sequel to the sequel, or in the game series where the ship was abandoned to the mountain. Reboots should be more advanced than before. If you are not enough than before, it’s almost like you will reboot. While maintaining the previous emotions, it should be better than before, and the series fans must be made and even new fans are made.

Towards the harsh test stages, ‘Saints Row’ rose.

Game name : Saints Row
Genre Name : Open World, Action
release date : 2022.08.23
Review : 1.0.0

Developer : Bolion
Service : Deep silver
Platform : PC, PS, Xbox
Play : PC


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There is still a reason why ‘Saints Row’ was special…

The most distinctive part of Saints Row from other open world action games is also ‘customization’. Gamers who are familiar with MMORPG can question why customization is needed, but the game that supports customizing among the single play open world games is very rare except for the Bethesda games. There are all fixed protagonists, including the Assassin’s Creed series, the GTA series, and the Red Dead Redemption series.

This is because most open world games are not in a straight line, so they need a foundation for a solid narrative. The reason why the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed is rationalized even if he commits all kinds of murders in the city, the best means to prepare the reason why GTA’s protagonists can pass all kinds of crimes and pass without discomfort. I lived. ‘ In other words, you need an excuse to rationalize the action while playing all kinds of pokes in the city.

Therefore, it is one of the two types of supporting ‘customization’ in a single play open world game. Like Bethesda’s games, it’s a game that’s a well-made game that’s well made by all the gamers’ actions, or a narrative, or a game to do what gamers want to do.

And because of the latter, the latter, the latter, anyone can see, so in Reboot, customization is very well alive. Body control is possible between muscular, dry body, and obesity, and there is no standard for gender to avoid controversy, and it can be adjusted to mosaics such as cyberpunks (no ‘cyber punk). Can.

In addition, this customization function can be applied directly on the street through the ‘style’ app on the mobile phone without having to visit the closet or plastic surgery. When the boss, which boasted a lot of muscular muscular, brown skin, and coarse dread rock hair, turns around for a while, it means that it is possible to customize a magical custom that is bald with a brilliant golden skin.

In addition, the freedom in action is quite high compared to other open world games, but it is not inconvenient to have an accident because it can be beaten by the accident and the police can not be difficult. However, since the NPC does not appear so much in the first place, and there is no system that supports it systematically, it is nothing other than my fun.

At any rate, the characteristics of the existing Saintslow are still maintained, saying, ‘I will play my own version as a character I want.’ Compared to other open world games that are chased by the police because they do not follow traffic laws, or are insisted on the phenomenon, they are relatively loose, making it better for the sandbox fun of the open world game..

The problem is that it is not the same as saying that this type of fun can be made well.

Cool madness with brake and clumsy.

In the last episode of Sam Ramie’s Spider-Man trilogy, Peter Parker is infected with symbiot and is strangely blackened. Suddenly lowering the bangs and making a loud dancing, and the people who are so awkward to act are embarrassing to fly to women.


Suddenly, this is why the overall emotional line of the game called ‘Saints Row’ is in a similar line to this black Peter Parker. I was crazy, but I didn’t go out like I thought, and it’s as bad as a bad guy? I want to hear something, but I don’t think I’ll get a wound… Anyway, I think of the concept that can summarize this ambiguity.

As it is a game that received a rating of Cheongbul, the characters, including the main character, swear veryly. But there is no blast. When you swear in the game, the situation is really desperate, or the situation is humorously unlocked. I don’t know why, and it’s full of parables that don’t have sympathy (too far from culture).

This is not the only problem. Rebooted ‘Saintslow’ did not let go of the comic line that previously adhered to, and some of the devices that want to laugh at gamers are all over the game. The problem is that this is not funny at all. It’s as if my grandfather learned at a glance and used it anywhere, and it’s awkward as a gag that the professor will build a pleasant image in the first class.

The use of this fashionable comic element is also revealed in the composition of the main characters. The protagonist lives with her three co-workers, who wears glasses, SNS addicts from ‘Idol’, and a good driving and relatively common sense of driving from ‘Pan Terrace’.

As you play the game, you have to collide with the forces in the game, so in the process, the chemistry is one of the main fun elements of the game. Even the conversation is not very fun. It’s as if you were a campus Sitcom 20 years ago, and it is so typical of conversations, which is not more fun than Crete and Atreus conversation in God of War.

However, it is not just as before, but at the beginning of the game, the main characters and daily parties will be a high-interest financial company because there is no money to pay the rent. Still, I am worried about renting people from gangs in a game that aims for a crazy concept. Like the GTA V’s Trevor, I don’t want to occupy and play the homes of others, but I don’t want to see the boss behind the trash because I don’t have money.

You might think, Isn’t it too much? But I think this problem is very serious. The basic value of the game is fun, and each game is different from each game. However, the game is not fun at all of the madness and comedy, which was the core of the series of fun-designed branches, Saints Row. If you didn’t think it was fun while playing the game for 12 hours, there was a problem.

As a result, the more I play the game, the more I expected, and the idea that something different from Saints Row, which I wanted, fills my head. The world that hoped to be a little crazy was more just than I thought, and the protagonist, who seemed to live as if he was unjust, was more likely to keep the law, and the conversation, which was expected to be filled with a novel parable, was filled with paired baths and forced internet memes.

And all of these things gather to create boredoms that are hard to explain in the end, and the rating of Saints Rowe’s user evaluation of the earth has resulted in the cause of the ground. This is because many of the parts you expect from the name ‘Saints Row’ cannot be felt at all in this game. Rather, it might have been a little different if it had just been named ‘Saints Row’ and just came out as a new IP game. That’s a little bit.

The basics are equipped. I only have the basics.

Of course, as the game is not completely messy, ‘Saints Row’ has enough conditions to have as an open world game. It’s not wide, but it’s still tired, but it’s quite tired, but the number is filled, the collection elements that appear when the open world, and the pretty decent vehicle and weapons customization are enough. Of course, this ‘basic’ is also urgent because it is rarely seen because of the many bugs in the current game.

And this is the advantage of the game called ‘Saints Row’. Of course, games that do not even have the basics may be good to be overflowing, but ‘Saints Row’ should have a slightly different standard from any other games. Since it is a reboot of the existing series, which had a thick fan base, it is only when it is a game that can handle the satisfaction of the existing fan base and the influx of new fans.

And the result of the completion of ‘the basics as a game, but not enough for Saints Row’ is revealed as a score. Currently, the evaluation indicators of ‘Saints Row’ remain at 60 scores of critics and 2 points out of 10 points. If you evaluate it without considering the connection with the previous work, the basic degree as an independent game can be given about 60 points, but those who wanted the fun of the series would have been lacking.

As such, the ‘Saints Row’ series, which started an ambitious new start, faced a crisis at the same time. Wherever I go, I have to prepare firmly, but I forgot to be so important as I forgot my passport on my way abroad. I also took care of the concept, packed the basics of the game, and I even got a sign called ‘Saints Row’. I don’t know what the future of the series will be, but I think it’s probably to add bones to cut the signs that have been picked up at best.

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