Vampire Survivors latest Apde distribution. Random mode and new character ?

On September 3rd, the developer PONCLE has launched a patch 0.11.211, the latest update of the-looked-up action game Vampire Survivors . This time, the mode where characters and stage are randomly selected, and the new character ?

Vampire Survivors is a Steam and a viewpoint action game under early access distribution. It has gained popularity for elements such as 300 yen low price, easy and crazy game play, and frequent updates. The previously distributed patch 0.11.100 was the last major update before the official release. This patch 0.11.211 seems to be a small update.

In this update, a new game mode has been added. It is said that quick play is possible, where characters and stages are randomly selected. However, to use this, it seems that the SECRETS menu is open, like SPELLS, the official cheat function. ? Is also appeared as a new character. This time, a new Spells list was sent to the press release, so it will be described at the end of this article to prevent spoilers.

Other changes include improvements in the QOL side, such as the skip function of weapon selection when obtaining Candybox and the function of checking the remaining number of resuscitation when clearing the stage. In addition, new skins and sprites for Christine are also implemented. Corrections are also included, such as the problem that the movement input was reset when the level up and the chest were opened. See the patch notebook for details.

Regarding some bugs in the controller, it is expected that the transition to the new engine will be modified after the transition to the new engine is completed. In other words, it seems good to think that the game engine renewal that this work had been announced is in progress. Also, even if it is a second reading stage for the official release, the frequent update of this work seems to be unstoppable.

VAMPIRE SURVIVORS is being distributed early on Steam, and the price is 300 yen including tax. It is also distributed for PC GAME PASS. The detailed list of Spells added this time is described below.



  • IgottaGettothgeofSoul: Unlocks Aren Gijus
  • Allatonce: Unlocks Queen Sigma

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