[Todays Steam] If you clean up your bag, you can power up, backpack hero popularity

If you were in trouble with the inventory cleanup when you play a game, there is a notable game. The backpack hero, which can be powered by placing appropriate items in the inventory, has been acclaimed as a very positive steam evaluation.

The backpack hero developed by Indie Game Developer Jaspel is a log-like game that explores dungeons. It is true to have equipment for dungeon exploration, but it should be used in the inventory, not to be mounted on the body. It is characterized by not simply putting it in the inventory, but also to pay attention to the internal arrangement in order to take advantage of the unique ability of each item. If you knock down the monster you meet when you explore it or find a box, the item continues to come out, but the inventory is not generous, so you need to choose the item you need properly.

Backpack Hero, which has attracted attention as a unique concept of organizing the inventory, is in the third week of its launch and has a steam user evaluation ‘very positive (1,045 participation, 89% positive)’. Steam users are attracting attention for their fresh opinions, such as’ I am good at organizing my bag even if I don’t clean up the room, and recommended for those who like to organize or not organize.

Backpack Hero is updating continuous new contents and balance related to, and is preparing for the official launch in April next year.

Meanwhile, in the world’s best sales chart at 1 o’clock on the 5th, Titanfall 2, which entered the chart with a discount, rose to the first place, and Cult of the Lem and Plate Up! It took it.


In the top 20 of Steam Day, TOP 20, there is no big change in the top of the existing top, while Civilization 6 ranked 20th with 54,868 concurrent users. Monster Hunter Rise was out of 20th with 46,610 concurrent users.

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