Recruitment of the new Craepton New Moonbreaker Steam Test participants

Union Walls, an independent studio of Craepon Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Chang-han), announced on the 6th that it will recruit Steam Play Test participants of ‘Moonbreaker’, which will be held twice from 9th to 11th and 16th to 18th..

Moonbreaker is the world’s first turn-based strategy table top simulation game released last month in Gamescom 2022. Following the demo play demonstration provided at the Gamescom 2022 on-site booth, you can experience the game through this Steam Play Test.

Steam Play Test is a kind of open beta service introduced in the global game distribution platform Steam since last year. Unlike the Early access version, which has the nature of the official game, it is a service that allows users to play the test version of the game for free.


The user can play the game and stream the game before the release of early access, and to share various SNS contents to share the gameplay experience with many people. At the same time, developers can test servers, receive feedback from users, and further improve the game.

Moonbreaker’s Steam Play Test participants can organize their own units by controlling all units and enjoy the opponent players or AI. In addition, you can create your own unit through miniature painting work, and all units that have completed the painting can be stored on the server and can be found after the early access of 30 days.

Participation in the Steam Play Test can be applied at the current Moonbreaker Steam Store page and can be applied during the play test period.

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