All Crystalline Conflict changes in Patche 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV

For more than ten years, players have been plunging into the exciting world of MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV, following the storyline through a long series of additions. The end of the end gent EVE is a series of dungeons and raids. But others prefer to immerse themselves in a PVP-sabotage in large-scale battles of Rival Wings or on small arenas of Crystalline Conflict. Below you will find all the changes in the conflict with crystals in Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV.

What are the changes in PVP Crystalline Conflict in Patch FFI 6.2?

The updates below are included for all players who have FFI: Calm Reborn and FFI: Heavenward.

  • The time remaining before the revival of the knockout members of the detachment is now displayed in the list of the detachment.
  • Players can now view the adventurers of the opposite team, choosing opponents from the list of detachments and using the subcommand View the adventurer tablet.
  • The following add-ons and changes are made in the quick chat:
  • The names of the tasks will now be displayed when using the following Quick Chat:
    The limit break is ready!

Move the crystal right now!
* The following fast chat parameters were added:
Limit breakthrough!
All, group!
* The following changes are made to the rating system:
Players who lost the match at the Diamond 5 level without ascending stars will now be transferred to the Platinum 1 category with two ascending stars.
Players who lost the match without crystal loans will be transferred to the Diamond 1 category with two ascending stars.

* The range of levels used for the rating selection of players was adjusted. Further adjustments will be made in accordance with the number of players at each level, as well as the conditions for the selection of players. Moreover, these changes will be made outside the regular planned corrections and maintenance.
* To prevent manipulations with the matchmaking match, the player selection algorithm was adjusted.
* In order to prevent manipulating the matchmaking, a fine for rank matches was introduced. Players will be fined for refusing to participate when the coincidence is found or in the middle of the match. Players fined in this way will not be able to register again within 30 minutes after the first punishment, 90 minutes after the second or 180 minutes after the third.
* Refusal to participate in the detection of a coincidence: the fine will be imposed on the first refusal of the player. The fine applies only to registration on rating matches and does not affect the search for duties.
* Refusal in the middle of the match: a fine will be imposed for the correspondence of the rank. The fine will also be applied to the debt seeker.
* Players who remained in a match with fewer fighters than necessary will not receive a fine for exiting the match.
* The second season will end, and the third will begin: when the season will end, the 100 best players in each data center will receive vouchers through the multi delivery service. Players who occupy a bronze level or higher can receive awards by talking with an intendant of a feast on the pier of the wolf laying (X: 4.9 Y: 5.7).
* Awards of the second level must be obtained before the end of the third season.
After adding reduction and adjustments in the system of selection of players in the third season, all level players will start the season with bronze 3, without having a single district.
* Players who did not have a level at the end of the second season will be left without a level at the beginning of the third season.
* Starting from the third season, players will compete for a place in the ranking based on their highest level and crystal loan during the season, and not their final position. The rewards for levels will also be based at the highest level reached during the season.
* Players will now receive portraits, achievements and titles for all levels and ranks up to the final position at the end of the season inclusive.
* Portraits, achievements and titles for all levels and ranks, up to the final position of the players in the first season, will be unlocked automatically.
* Crystalline conflict rating pages on Lodestone for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels will now always be sorted by victories.
* The page of the general rating will continue to be ranked in levels, rising, crystal loans, rising stars and victories.

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