How to defeat Mr. Grizzz in Splatoon 3

The owner of Grizzly, Mr. Frizz, makes another entrance to the world of Platoon 3. He is a giant bear, which is the last boss of the Platoon 3. This guide to Mr. Rise in Platoon 3 and how to defeat him.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Frizz is the last boss, which you will encounter in the hero mode. To fight him, you will go to the research laboratory of happiness (zone 6) and defeat a large person to unlock the final boss.

Then you will go to the top of the Altered space center and along the way also look at a few cool videos. After you go through all the videos, the battle with Mr. Ruse will begin.

How to defeat Mr. Frieze in Platoon 3

The battle with Mr. Ruse consists of two phases, each of which has different attack schemes and locations. There will be a checkpoint between them, so you don’t have to worry about being sprayed.

Fighting with Mr. Ruse, apply ink a large area to increase your dexterity against Avatar on both phases of the boss. You will try your best to stay at the distance in the second phase of the boss to avoid random attacks aimed at you.

Phase 1

In the first phase of the battle, you will fight with Mr. Frieze on his rocket. To defeat him, you will try to get to the boss as soon as possible. Along the way, you will encounter several mobs that you can ignore, because they do not pose a special threat.

You will collect salmon eggs whenever you see them to strengthen small fish and remove fuzzy ink in the battle arena that the boss spreads.

Collecting eggs, the boss will wave the claw, creating the pillars of ink, from which you can dodge, just standing between them.


As soon as you get close and hit the boss once, Mr. Frizz will launch bombs that spray ink throughout the battle scene. The flight from these bombs will be the wisest solution.

At some point, when you almost come close to the boss, he will begin to make sound attacks, from which you dodge, simply hiding behind an obstacle.

Then Mr. Frizz will turn the ship in the hope of knocking you down. Continue to move in the opposite direction so as not to be knocked down.

Finally, when you get close to the boss, you hit Mr. Rise 3 times, which will marry the end of the phase 1. However, Mr. Graz will begin to raise his hands, intending to hit the ground in the hope of knocking you down. You can just move away a little from him to evade this attack.

Phase 2

In the second phase of the battle, a small fry, who wandered around in a battle with fuzzy ink, will turn into a large Fry and will help you.

When Mr. Frieze is busy fighting a big brand, you will approach the boss and suck the luminous fluffy balls, holding the pressed ZR button.

Approaching the boss, you will face Fuzzballs, which will block your path to the boss. When you are busy sucking out luminous fluffy balls from his body, you will encounter small mobs, from which you will need to get rid of immediately.

When you suck 3 giant fluffy balls, you shoot a giant laser in the boss, completing the second phase of the battle.

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