Last Dream XIV: Which web server fits you?

final fantasy xiv is a large MMORPG with a rather unusual web server structure. In this guide we describe how it functions and also which server could be ideal suited for you.

These are the information facilities: If you log in FFI for the very first time, the initial thing you will do is deal with to pick where you intend to play. It is therefore helpful to recognize what the data facilities are and exactly how they work. If you are already knowledgeable about it, you can leap via the review of the factor Which web server need to I choose.

Primarily, the web servers in FFI are separated right into an overall of 10 information facilities, the places of which are located in different areas of the world:

Additionally, the information centers of a region are connected and can be openly traveled. This alternative functions similarly to the world trip, but it can only be made from the character choice.

  • The data centers Light and also Disorder come from Europe
  • The data centers Ether, Crystal as well as Primal belong to North America
  • The information facilities Elemental, Gaia, MANA and also Meteor belong to Japan
  • The Fresh Information Center Material comes from Oceania

Since a distant location such as Japan or Oceania additionally indicates a greater delay when playing, it is consequently advisable for German gamers to begin on European web servers.

Thanks to the World journey system, it is also feasible beyond the circumstances to physically go to other servers of an information center with your character. The free choice can be utilized right-click in the personality selection or in the game at one of the theory crystals in the 3 starter cities.

There is unrestricted cross play between the systems and there are no different servers for this. If you select a web server, you will automatically be tossed into a pot with all various other gamers.

You can choose the target server and your character will certainly be relocated there, however it goes through some restrictions. You can not offer anything on various other web servers and also not access your extended stock of the assistants. Furthermore, you can proceed to do content and missions or go after monsters.

The information centers job: The web servers of a data center are all connected to every other in FFI. If you enter into a team content, such as dungeons or raids, you will certainly be traveling with the gamers who originate from various servers.

There are no restrictions where you can create your personalities. In concept, you can most likely to Japanese servers and play there.


Which web server should I choose as a German gamer?

Various gamers constantly have different requirements according to which they choose their server. Below are several of them and how they can influence your server choice in FFI. Based upon this, you can after that choose a web server.

Language-Where are the German Areas in FF14?

Or you can produce a personality on any various other web server, due to the fact that there are likewise German players. With the exemption of perhaps entirely new servers such as Alpha, Maiden, Phantom and Sagittarius, whose population is usually not yet very many.

In general, all European servers are worldwide, which means that there are no specialized German web servers such as in WoW. The biggest as well as most renowned German community is situated on the Server Shiva. There is additionally a great deal of German in the beginner.

Shiva is extremely full as well as it is frequently not feasible to produce a character there. If you absolutely desire to land on a server with many German players, you have to camp for the web server standing as well as wait for Shiva to open up.

To locate connection to German players, you can either:

  • Ask in the capitals in chat
  • Browse in the official discussion forums of FFI
  • Search for totally free societies (guilds) on Lodestone that consist of German players
  • Ask about social media like Twitter or in Facebook groups

population-where is a lot of taking place?

Different players additionally have different preferences in population density. Some desire largely populated servers, others like to start fresh and also brand-new. Both alternatives are currently available.

In the summer of 2022, a variety of new web servers for FFI online went. At the EU data centers it is:

The condition of the remainder of the server is presently on Requirement, which suggests that their population density is about well-balanced. If you want to start fuller servers, due to the fact that there is more going on in the centers, for instance, or you can locate an appropriate cost-free society, you can pick from the checklist.

  • Alpha and also Maiden on Light
  • Omega and also Phantom on mayhem

It can also be rewarding to start on much less populated servers. For this, FFI provides the gamers several incentives. For the character creation on new globes there are premiums such as:

You can discover the full list of advantages on the official side. With brand-new servers there are likewise lots of totally free homes that you can use throughout the lotto games and also where the competitors are not as high as with old web servers.

  • Double-Exp to Degree 79
  • 1 million Gil per account
  • 15 days of free having fun time and so on.

liked activities-hardcore or casual gamer?

No matter your web content choices, you can openly participate with players from various other servers as well as do web content.

What does that mean for me now? In basic, you have a lot of freedom when it involves your web server option in FFI and also the possibility that you will certainly experience hefty gameplay names through an incorrect option is very low.

  • Many thanks to the globe as well as information center trip, you can openly see conference points as well as places of the role gamers
  • The Raider can freely merge server and information center with the same-minded players.
  • The exact same uses to PVP fans, with the constraint that the ranked PVP is not offered on other data. PVP in the Open World does not exist in FFI, none of the servers.
  • People who such as to do web content outdoors globe such as searching or treasure maps can likewise leap from web server and take part in it

The kind of content that you such as to do can likewise influence the choice of the server. With the open server framework of FFI, this is instead less crucial.

Everyone can play with everybody within an area. It will be required to transform the server every once in a while, yet that rarely takes longer than a few minutes.

If you like to be alone, you can look at our overview to solo work:

Final Dream XIV: Which course is ideal fit for solo gamers?

Different gamers always have various requirements according to which they pick their server. Below are some of them and just how they can influence your server selection in FFI. In basic, all European servers are international, which implies that there are no dedicated German web servers such as in WoW.

** final fantasy xiv is a huge MMORPG with a somewhat uncommon web server structure. If you select a web server, you will automatically be tossed right into a pot with all other players.

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