How to get blessed precious stones in Anime Story – Roblox

Anime Story is one of the latest research games with the open world on the Roblox platform. As in most research games, the name has a special craft system for creating powerful equipment and weapons to withstand more formidable enemies as you move.

On this note, one of the most popular craft materials in Anime Story is blessed precious stones . It is mainly used as the main raw material to create advanced weapons, such as curse of the murderer of the gods , heavenly blade or power of the Torah . To get blessed precious stones in the anime historian, you must find and get an ore of blessed precious stones in the prey cave.

Where is the mining cave in Anime Story?

The mining cave is located in the settlement of adventurers right behind your revival point. You can find a plant NPC at the beginning of the cave. Use the image below for a visual certificate.

How to get a blessed precious ore

All ores in the game Anime Story can be obtained using the same default Kirk. You must find an ore of blessed gem and extract it using interaction button . blessed precious ore yellow gold in color with a brilliant appearance, similar to magic stone .

How rare is the blessed grooved ore?

blessed precious ores are one of the rarest materials, and they are difficult to find. There are no secret methods to find an ore of blessed gem, since they are Spain by chance anywhere inside the mine. It all comes down to luck to see one.

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