Final Fanty 14 at Xbox? I have not yet thrown the towel, says the head of the division

It w in 2019 when Phil Spencer himself, head of the Xbox division, publicly pledged to launch Final Fanty XIV in Xbox consoles. It happened during the X19 event that w held in London and that served a stage to present the battery of titles that would arrive at Xbox Game Ps in the coming months. However, almost three years have psed and there is no trace of the MMORPG on Microsoft Machines . Speaking to Game Watch, Spencer h sured that they have not yet surrendered.

We certainly announce that (laughs). Naturally, we haven’t thrown the towel yet. This commitment to players is both Microsoft and Square Enix, so we will continue to coordinate our efforts .

a recurring issue

The question about the exit or not of Final Fanty XIV in Xbox is not new. The conversations have happened over the years, although it seems that they have not yet crystallized in concrete. Lt year, in 2021, director Naomi Yeshiva confirmed that dialogue w still fluid :


I feel bad to say the same always, but we are still in conversations with Microsoft, and I think our conversations are running in a positive t1. I do not mean that we do not have an Xbox version, so I hope it is soon the right time to make an informative update regarding the players. Surely there are many things that people want to know, although I can’t uncover anything. When the time comes I am convinced that it will be time to do it.

Final Fanty XIV had an abrupt and distrous launch, but Square Enix, with the team led by Naomi Yeshiva in front, w able to turn to the tortilla (from Chicago egg?) And revitalize a title that h become One of the best of the genre . It is available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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