How to find the secrets of the Lecak in Return to the Island of Monkeys – a regular and complex regime

In Return to the Island of Monkeys, our old hero Indulge and Click Gay brash Trip wood again plays the main role with his longtime enemy Leak. As we expected, everything does not go quite according to plan, and Brash has to help the unpleasant Captain Maddison if he wants to find the secret of the island of monkeys. They need personal information about the Leak so that this happens. So, how to find out the secrets of the Leak in the return to the island of monkeys?


How to find the secrets of the Leak in Return to the Island of Monkeys-casual regime

You are instructed to find three parts of the information, and for each of them you will need to return to the Leak ship. You already have a way to sneak back on the ship-you just need to interview the team to find out everything you need.

What is the musical theme of the Leak in Return to the Island of Monkeys?-The casual regime

To find this, just go to the lower deck and go to the vertical barrel at the entrance to the ship’s galley. There on a sheet of paper. If you read it, you will find notes ( B to, before, mi, salt, fa, fa, re ) is written on it.

How to get to the musical theme of the Lecak-Complex mode

You will need to talk to Claire to find out the musical theme of the attendance in a complex mode. She composes music on the ship’s galley, but will not give it to you. Rise to the upper deck and call the bell once to get notes. Flair will leave his place, so you have a chance to return to the ship’s galley and choose a musical theme.

What is the winged phrase of the Leak in Return to the Island of Monkeys?-every day and complex regime

If you talk to Bob, he will regularly tell you about changes in the captain’s key phrase. Enter the Trauma cabin and take his diary from the shelf. If you read it, the last record in which the winged phrase is mentioned, sends you back by the diary by the 17th number-when it was to plunder seven holds . This may change, but it is always a key phrase from February 17.

What is the Favorite Food of Leak in Return to the Island of Monkeys?-The casual regime

Enter the ship’s galley and ask the Petra about the Lycra’s favorite food. She will tell you that this is a tentacle with chamomile sauce. However, she cannot do this because she has no daisies. You can collect several daisies from path leading to the giant head of the monkey just before you get to Captain Maddison. She will prepare you a dish-be sure to take it from the table.

How to get a favorite food of the attendance-Complex mode

Talk to Petra to get the favorite food of Leak in complex mode. She will not tell you anything, because you have never been good with her. Complete her chef skills, and she will be happy to prepare a tentacle with chamomile sauce. Unfortunately, she ran out of the tentacle, so you need to find them. Return to the beach near the volcano and look for dead squid on the right side. Use the knife to cut off one tentacle and give it to the puts. She will prepare for you the favorite food of the attendance!

What to do with the secrets of the Leak in Return to the Island of Monkeys

Having the necessary information and a dish in your hands, return to Captain Maddison . To complete the secret ritual, you also need to collect all the skulls from the island of monkeys. If you have everything, now you can hold a ceremony using the musical theme of the attendance, a winged phrase and your favorite food!

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