Here is our 2K23 NBA test

Initial release date: September 8, 2022,
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, Switch, PC
Series: NBA 2K
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publishers: 2k games, interactive take-two
Genres: Sport simulation
Price: $89.99

Each year, the Visual Concept studio offers us its new version of the famous NBA 2K23 basketball game.
Well, this time again we have the right to some improvements in addition to the return of the Jordan challenges, due to the number 23 which represented the jersey number of the legend.
Here is our test of this successful game which will appeal to amateurs and also to beginner.

+The visual
+Jordan challenges
+The possibility of playing 4 different
+Simple approach controlled
+Several game modes

-Son Price $90 before tax
-The multi players who sometimes play alone
-Pas enough fashion with women

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