Where to find white-red hydrangea in the Drimlinite Valley

Disney Dream light Valley includes many objects that are more rare variations than similar analogues. Is white and red hydrangea one of them? According to Ursula, yes. Read on to find out where we were able to find this flower.


where to find white and red hydrangea in the Disney Dream light Valley

Red-white hydrangea is a flower found in the DEZZL-Beach biome. Not to be confused with pink hydrangeas, it seems that they multiply at a lower speed than some other varieties. As far as we know, there are no other conditions for its appearance, such as the time of day. Look for hydrangea, which is rather red than white. We managed to find one on a small island southeast of Dazzle Beach with the second column of the sphere located there.

You will need red and white hydrangea to give Ursula as part of the Screwy of the CDAC. What is bad for business quests. It will give you a catfish in exchange for a flower. However, as soon as Scrooge hears, he will teach her a lesson for trying to make a bad deal. This encourages Ursula to calm him with a gold coin, which really attracts the attention of Screwy. And, of course, leads to another quest, Hunting for treasures .

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