The EA and Koei Tecmo project already has an official name

For a couple of weeks it has been talking that Electronic Arts and Goa Team are working on a project, which would focus on the hunting of monsters in the pure style of Monster Hunter . And now we have good news, because it was already given date to the premiere of its revelation trailer, and also, the game has revealed its official name.


The project is going to hold Wild Hearts , and as mentioned, it will focus somewhat on the monster hunt as well as the title of Cap com , but it is expected to have subtle changes so that Feel like a copy and paste. In addition, it was mentioned that it would have some mechanics in the style of Dynasty Warriors , a genre that the company manages perfectly.

Here is the trailer with waiting time:

The Wild Hearts video will be available from next September 28 at the point of 7: 00 am Pacific time and 9:00 am of the center of Mexico . The consoles for which it will be available is not yet confirmed. However, they may fully focus on the new generation and PC, all to get away from platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One .

In news related to Goa Team , a couple of weeks ago they revealed Rise of the Robin , a title that will be exclusive for PlayStation in the console part. It even announced its first advance that reminds games like Ghost of Sushi . If you want to take a look at everything we know, we invite you to click on the following link.

Via: EA

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