Limited products are also sold, Pokemon exhibition is held at Pangyo Hyundai Department Store.

Pokémon Korea will hold Pokemon The Dreaming ‘Pokemon The Dreaming’ at Topaz Hall on the 10th floor of Hyundai Department Store Pang yo from October 7 to November 30.

Pokémon The Dreaming is the first Pokémon media exhibition in Korea, which combines Pokemon content and video. You can see various Pokémon along the Pikachu footprint and travel through the dream world of sunset, water, and forests.

In addition, photo zones and exhibition MD products are sold outside the exhibition hall. Various MD products will be prepared only during this exhibition.

Booking of the exhibition will be available at Ticket Link, Never Reservation, and Pokémon Store Online from 3 pm on the 29th. In particular, ticket links and Never reservations will be presented with a limited quantity of ‘Transparent Poster’ with the ticket.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon Pop-up Store will be operated at the 4th floor Iconic Square in Hyundai Department Store Pang yo for 10 days from October 7 to 16 during the exhibition.

For more information, please visit Pokémon The Dreaming official website.

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