The first captures of Dead Space remake are announced

Last year it was quite important for fans of space horror games, since a remake of the first Dead Space game was announced last year, only this time it would be in charge of EA motivate . To this day he had only shown very little, but since his arrival is already closer, it was obvious that new images were going to come out.

Through the official Xbox store, the game already has a special record in which its release date is detailed, as well as catches that had not been seen before, and that is something quite positive. Some fans began to think that the project was going to be delayed by the lack of news, but the detail of each image implies that EA advances constantly.

Here you can see the captures:

It is worth mentioning that this remake is using the Frostbite engine, one of the most advanced in the history of Electronic Arts, so the team’s interest in bringing a reliable experience is noted. In addition, it has been commented previously that there will be certain changes in this reimagination, some who wanted to put from the original game.


Remember that Dead Space Remake will arrive next January 27, 2023 in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC .

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