Remake version DEAD SPACE game play video released. The new element, Isaac no -gravity swimming is also unveiled

ELECTRONIC ARTS released a game play trailer for the remake version of Dead Space on October 5. You can check the movement scene in the new element that is a new element.

This work is a remake of the SF survival horror game of the same name released in 2008. EA’s Motive Studio is in charge of developing the game engine Frostbite Engine, which is also used in the Battlefield series. For PC/PS5/Xbox Series X | S, it will be released worldwide on January 27, 2023.


The main character of DEAD SPACE is engineer Isaac Clark. He headed to the spacecraft USG CHIMERA to repair communication equipment and witnessed an alien tragedy. This work does not have many general weapons, and one of the features is a battle that makes full use of the tool kit of Isaac, such as plasma cutters and disk drivers. Upgrade can be upgraded with such a weapon, confronting a terrible alien.

In the published video, you can see the status of USG CHIMERA, which was born with the latest graphics. It seems that the expression of writing and fog has been improved, and not only realism but also the eerie is powered up. The texture of the floors and walls is also improved, and the amazing inside the ship where corpse and blood pools exist everywhere.

In addition, in the video, the swimming scene in the new element, which is a new element, will be unveiled. It is said that the non-gravity swimming in the thruster is a factor in which the adoption in the original version has been sent off by technical restrictions (related article). In the video, Isaac relaxed on the ship and outer space drawn with rich graphics. In the latter half, there is a scene where a huge alien and the floating Isaac confront. It seems that you can enjoy game play that is a bit different from the original.

In addition, psychic devices such as STASIS and Kinesis are still alive. I also want to pay attention to the strengthening of the expressiveness of flame in the scene of burning aliens with a flaming radio. Expectations are also high in the powerful battle scene, drawn with improved graphics.

In this work, a newly introduced limb disconnection system that realizes more realistic gore expressions and A.L.I.V.E. systems, which express the situation of Isaac. In particular, the limb cutting system will be glimpsed by trailers, and you will be able to check the powered gore expression. In addition, improving the details of sound aspects such as weapons and environments is one of the points to pay attention. The remake version DEAD SPACE that includes new elements while further power up the original expression. I want to look forward to the revisit of USG CHIMERA.

The remake version DEAD SPACE will be released on January 27, 2023, for PC/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.

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