[Game National Assembly] Senator Bae Hyun -jin proposes a division of game definition. Holdem and Zella are different

BAE Hyundai, a member of the people of the people, suggested that it is necessary to distinguish the ‘game’ definition of the current law according to the growth of the game industry. For example, in the current situation of Hold’em and Zelda’s legend, it is divided into arcade and non-arcade games.

The legal definition of the game was set when the game industry law was enacted during the past sea story. For this reason, there is a problem that the law generated to regulate ‘arcade games’ is also applied to general video games. Representative BAE Hyundai pointed out that arcade games only account for 1.4%in the game industry, and 92%of mobile and PCs are not appropriate to be regulated arcade game.

Representative BAE Hyundai pointed out to Kim Tae-hyun, Director of Contents Policy, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. I answered.

Representative BAE Hyundai said, The Soon Seok-yeol government promised to reduce the overall regulation of all industries and reduce the burden on the industry to a minimum. We need wisdom to divide by sport such as digital games and meandering games, he added.

Representative BAE Hyundai showed the image of Hold’em and Zelda’s legend, and recognized that arcade games and non-arcade games were different. Representative BAE Hyundai told Kim, Please consider the difference between the two, he said.

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