LOL: This data about the most hated champion of the game will make you even more angry with her

League of Legends players are used to simple analysis of the MOB champions power. Generally, the focus is the most flashy statistics of them, how damage they cause or how long they can resist. However, there are times when, to find the reasons why we should really criticize a character, we need to dig a little deeper. This is something that happens, for example, with Yuri. As if the gameplay of the character was no longer frustrating enough, she still has one of the most striking statistics of the entire Riot Games game.

the definitive factor to hate Yuri

Medic is one of the main casters of the European Lol tournaments. He is not participating in the official Worlds transmission, but that does not mean losing details of the competition. In fact, it was he who found a statistics about Yuri that sums up one of the great reasons why everyone hates this champion, from casual to professional players. Yuri is the most efficient character in causing damage to the game. At least in the competitive scenario.

As mentioned by Medic, Wordle is able to deal more than 1.7 damage points for each gold unit it receives. This is an unparalleled record for other champions and only one player managed to beat it on the middle route: Humanoid, who played from Air and had great results with him, even in the game he lost to Edge. Compared to other positions, no shooter has managed to achieve such high efficiency.


Riot made changes in Yuri before the World Cup to make her a champion more focused on causing damage than healing his teammates. This adjustment was made to try to postpone champion’s problems for future higher changes, but it has become a big problem with the World 2022. Thus, the character was present in the selection phase of 21 of the 24 games played so far From the finding of Medic, being chosen in 4 games and banned in the remaining 17. In all of them, choosing Laden’s storm as a mythical item.

Fortunately, for many players, this trend is not reflecting on LOL’s ranked matches. There, the community continues to bet on Yuri with slightly more traditional items, such as lunar stone regenerator or surely war anthem. This is a little relief for Riot, as Yuri’s damage version is even more hated than healing, being able to attack and cause large amounts of damage without leaving the body of its host.

Remember that developers have announced that Yuri and Zero will receive major changes in the coming weeks, although nothing has been specified. The patience of the LOL community with these two champions has been running out for a long time, so Riot is expected to do a good job when trying to balance them again.

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