KakaoTalk disorder .ict national audit atmosphere

The national audit atmosphere in the ICT field, which was headed to the end due to the service of Aka due to the fire of SK C & C Pang yo Data Center, was changed.

The comprehensive audit of the Korea Communications Commission and the Ministry of Science and ICT, scheduled for the 21st and 24th of this month, are expected to be sucked into issues related to the stability of additional telecommunication services and user protection plans.

The Democratic Party’s lawmaker CHO Seung-rae, who is a member of the National Assembly’s Science and Technology Information and Communications Commission, will visit Pang yo SK C & C Fire site on the afternoon of the 16th, and will discuss the response plans.

The status report was attended by Chung Chungará, Chairman of the National Assembly, Park Sung-jung and Her Eunuch, Democratic Party’s CHO Seung-rae, Soon Young-chan, Gang Kyung-tae, Deputy Minister of Technology Park Gungy, and SK C & C, Aka, and Never Cloud officials.

■ SK C & C · Aka National Security Witness Attendance

Representative CHO Seung-rae, who first arrived at the site before the report, met with reporters and said, We will find out the cause and countermeasures of the accident through the national audit schedule left behind.

Representative Park Sung-joong also said, We will regret the inconvenience of the people and discuss ways to prevent recurrence.

Representative Huh Eunuch emphasized that the point of the scope of the user’s damage will be asked.

In particular, lawmakers and Park suggested a request for attendance of national audit witnesses to companies that caused the damage to the people. SK C & C, where the fire broke out, and Aka’s executives, who had direct inconvenience due to actual service disruption, are expected to be discussed as auditing witnesses.

The over defense will be confirmed by the Ministry of Science and Technology on the 24th after confirming additional attendance witnesses by the 17th when the national audit of KBS and EBS is held.

■ Defense, Data Center Fire-It seems to be concentrated with kapok failure

Previously, the over defense national audit has been faced with the MBC report on the end of the president’s visit in the media sector in addition to free ride and 5G communications as an issue related to industrial policy. In addition, the ruling party’s pressure on the chairman of the ruling party was selected as a major political issue of thanksgiving.

Still, the existing issues have not been resolved, but most of the people have experienced inconveniences, making it difficult to discuss other discussions.

As the dependence on digital services increases, there are a lot of people who have disrupted everyday life due to failure of various services in addition to Messenger Apps.

Last year, when KT’s national network failure occurred, the over defense immediately held a hearing and responded. The Ministry of Information and Communication has since launched a plan to secure network stability and operated the telecommunication disaster management deliberation committee from the beginning of this year.

Considering that KT’s network duration is about 90 minutes at the time, the National Assembly is likely to seriously consider the inconvenience of service disorders such as Aka due to the data center fire in the remaining national audit.

In addition, the stability of important additional value-added telecommunications services is also expected to focus on the management of IDC’s facility management, as the use of clouds increases rapidly.

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