LOL – LEC: Heretics continues to trust Jackspektra and will be the team shooter in the European League

What was a secret to voices becomes practically in reality: Jakob Jackspektra Gullah People, current Team Heretics shooter in Super League, it will be the first piece of the club in LEC for next year. After one of the best seasons of League of Legends in its history, the Norwegian player confirms his spectacular state of form with his most important league of the old continent after being crowned Champion of the National League and the EU Masters **, The most important European tournament outside the LEC.

The child prodigy arrives at LEC in 2023

After the announcement of Heretics about his jump to LEC with the purchase of the Misfits Square, The vast majority of Super League fans and the heretics were clear about one thing: Jackspektra had to lead this team in 2023 and take to the club To Worlds next year with the aim of winning everything as it has done in Super League and EU this season. This has been confirmed by Woo loo, the most famous sheep of today who has affirmed that the Spanish club would have reached an agreement with the shooter to further increase the relationship between the two after a year of dream and reciprocal love between them.

We still do not know if the club will opt for more players than the Academy of the Club of LEC (of which we do not know their name yet since they cannot have the same for both competitions), but it is likely that there is some more change apart from Jackspektra. Ibo and Ulterior are also two more options than decent to play with the first team, but it is also likely that they will stay with the occasional mishits that can be worth it as veto or even Wander and Ankara.

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