Best Powerful Farm of Vecas in Destiny 2

Ah, Destiny 2 loves so much when the guards are pharmacies of enemies of the same type for long periods of time. Well, it should not be long. No, guards can quickly cope with this seasonal test with a hyper-oriented farm. Raise your eyes, keeper. We need to kill Venus.

The fastest and most powerful farms of vehicles in Destiny 2

Mighty enemies are those who have orange or yellow strips of health . It will be your mini-bosses and bosses.

The lost offers


An absolutely quick way to cope with this task is to process the lost Joffrey sector on Less. It is located in the center of the map, north-east of the place of appearance of the guards in the region of the artifact. Cross you inside and find a Minotaur and its earlier companions. Set the harpies, and then the health of the Minotaur up to 50%. This should cause the appearance of two more harpies. Kill all three right now.

This will give about 10% per run in about a minute. Rejoice from the lost sector and repeat nine times to complete this task.

Glass strike

The second is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of some powerful vessel is to start the glass path. This is a blow to Europe, focused on vehicles in which there are many fallen enemies, but almost exclusively the veils in the tail. Several runs of this are knocked out.

Storage of a glass raid

For those who have a clan or several friends who want to accept a call together, a glass storage is what is needed. Download this original Destiny and go to the city, earning some of the most iconic armor in the game.

To find out more about Destiny 2, read all the materials of Destiny 2, which cannot be obtained in the 19th season, in the guidelines for the game for professionals.

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