Bayonetta 3: voice acting, money and boycott. The scandal is not over yet

New reports arose to challenge the allegations of the original voice actor of Bayonet ta , Helena Taylor, that the developer Platinum games was willing to offer only $4,000 to reprise her role in the third part of the series.

The scandal continues


I didn’t want the world, I didn’t ask for much, said Helena Taylor in the video that became viral. I was just asking for a decent and worthy salary to live. What they did was cool, but it was immoral.

According to her, only $4,000 were offered by her work . She if she refused to reprise her role and also asked for a boycott of Bayonet ta 3 , suggesting fans give their money to charity.

Taylor’s videos have been seen almost 10 million times to this day, and the actress received a great support from players, as well as other voice actors, who have long complained of being underestimated.

After the release of Taylor’s video, Bayonet ta 3 executive director Hide Maya , went to Twitter, writing, Sad and deplorable this attitude of untruth. That’s all I can say now. The situation remained tense in the following days, with Hide Kamila, Jennifer Hale (the actress who replied the role of Bayonet ta) and Taylor facing online abuse.

A new turnaround

However, testimonials from sources of Bloomberg and now NGC, , which are both very reliable sites, contest Taylor’s allegations. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schrader remains remarkably two people who know the intricacies of contract negotiations, but are not allowed to discuss them, claiming that the developer sought to hire Taylor to at least five sessions four hours, each being paid between $3,000 and $4,000.

VGC sources corroborate Schrader’s source, but differing slightly, suggesting that the number of sessions could be only four . This would have ought the total rates of Taylor to $ 15 thousand.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, the voice actor responded to the offer asking for a six-digit rate more residual rights of the game , which Taylor vehemently denies. VGC sources echo only the claim of residual rights and do not mention a requested amount.

This is a complicated subject that can continue to unfold publicly, or be resolved internally. It is not possible to conclude anything, because Platinum games has not yet commented and those responsible for harassing the voice actors only worsened the situation.

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