Basic play free naval battle WORLD OF WARSHIPS beginner capture guide 2nd. Solving the troubles of the introductory person who sinks quickly, aiming for a newcomer captain

War gaming is developing and operating a basic player free multiplayer seaside action game world of warships . In this article, we will deliver the second of all four introductory notes for those who are starting this work, which has entered the 8th year of the official service.

world of warships is being distributed on the official website and on Steam/Microsoft Store. As a related title, world of warships: LEGENDS has been released for free for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S-machine. Please note that the information introduced in this article is based on the PC version, world of warships.

world of warships In the first time, the first round of the beginner capture guide introduced the features of this work to the first team to Tier5 (related article). Started with a CO-OP match against bot, he challenged a random match with other players with other players. As we proceeded with the Japanese ship tree, we obtained the Tier5 destroyer Mitsuki, and took a random match. However, unlike the random match up to Tier4, it was a full-fledged battlefield with no bot.

Battle is in cooperation with strategy

The desire to sink the enemy with lightning strikes in the first Tier 5 match, and the writer who is drunk with reckless lightning strikes is assaulted as usual. The bombardment of an enemy cruiser became an alga of the sea. At that time, I realized that this would not win. The movement of the enemy is clearly different.

The bot up to Tier4 is a wild boar. Basically, it is easy to break each individual because it pierces here. Even if you can’t find an enemy ship, someone on your side will find it, so you will be shot immediately. However, players have different matches. If there is no inoperable ship that can board alone, if this is to aim for a lightning strike and forcibly assault, it will be the target of the enemy’s bombardment.

The sinking player can choose to watch the match until the end or return to the port ahead of time. On the other hand, when you return to the port, the sank ship cannot sort out until the match is settled. After the match is settled, notifications at the port will be informed of the previous battle results. Although it is possible to sortie with another ship, it is a good idea to observe the movement of other players, especially the same kind of ship as you, remain in the match. Especially if it is the first team of Tier5, you will feel the difference in movement with other players in the same ship.

There may be differences in movement from other players, and that they have been immediately sunk. If you can fill the difference between such a player and your own movement, you may be able to play more. I decided to analyze the ideal turnover as a destroyer.

Know the role and characteristics of the destroyer

In order to understand the difference between good players and yourself, it is important to know the role of boarding first. The destroyer I use is a type of ship that I chose for because lightning strikes were fun, but it is just one of the characteristics. The important role of the destroyer is searching and surviving. Looking at the movement of other players, I noticed it. Being able to accurately shoot torpedoes to enemy ships will be a major advantage, which will be the players beyond the original role. In order to utilize torpedoes, it was necessary to first know the enemy and learn the chance to shoot torpedoes.

Here, I would like to briefly explain the search system of world of warships. Each ship has a discovery distance. This is quantified how close you will be found by enemy ships. For example, the discovery distance of Mitsuki, a destroyer used by the author, is 6.0 km at the initial value. This means that it is discovered when it approaches an enemy destroyer or cruiser when approaching 6.0 km.

On the other hand, the ocean surface discovery of the same tier5 cruiser Osaka is 11.9 km, and the Tier5 battleship Kongo is 15.7 km. In other words, the tendency is that the larger the hull, the more it is found from a distance. The detection distance is the value of the ships, and the detection distance from the aircraft carrier aircraft is set separately. Although this search system involves various elements such as shielding and smoke screens that can be used by destroyers, it is a good idea to simply be aware of the detection distance of your own ship.

Taking advantage of the difficulty of finding the destroyer, he approaches the distance that he cannot find his own ship on cruisers and battleships, and searches for allies to aim with bombardment. That is one of the roles of the destroyer. It is important to keep the position where you can capture enemy ships without being found by enemy ships. If you can find the location of the enemy ship, the position will be transmitted to your ally. It is a dimension that allies bombard the enemy ship. This search for assisted enemies is also measured in the form of damage caused by allies to search enemies. Capture the enemy’s position so that you can earn assistance as much as possible, and survive as much as possible.

In addition, the maximum range of Mitsuki’s torpedo is 8.0 km, so it would be better if you could check with a strike from a position where you could not find between 6.0 km and 8.0 km. It’s best if you hit it directly. Thunder strikes cannot be hit unless you get used to the deviation firing more than the bombardment. Once you shoot, it takes a long time to load, but first shoot it without regret and shoot it positively.

By the way, even in places that do not reach the discovery distance, it may be found by the enemy by bombardment. Japanese destroyers are weaker than other countries, and it is not surprising to sink enemy ships. The risk and return of the enemy’s shells by bombarding the enemy forces without cutting the enemy force. I want to avoid unprecedented bombardments as much as possible. It can be said that the enemies do not lose their position. By the way, the detection distance is not increased by lightning strikes. If you approach the enemy quietly, you should shoot a lightning strike and leave before you find it. If lightning strikes directly against the opponent, it can be said that he could play a role as a destroyer.

Knowing yourself and knowing the enemy

Knowing the role of a different ship from the favorite ship will make it easier to fight. Once you touch each ship type, it should be a step to improving. In addition, the destroyer I use is a type that can hardly do anything on a single ship. Knowing the role of each ship’s type makes it easier not to know the enemy but also to cooperate with allies.

First, the basic cruiser is an almighty ship. Because the loading time of the shell is short, bombardment is possible at short intervals. There are also ships equipped with torpedoes. For the destroyer, the firing that is continuously released is astounding, and once it is targeted, it will suffer from a shell that falls like a rainy hail.

Conversely, when using a cruiser, if you find a destroyer, it is a good idea to sink as much as possible. The enemy team is difficult to search for, making it difficult. In addition, it has a wide range of roles, such as excellent anti-aircraft performance and equipped with consumables such as underwater hearing machines. Although it is a basic ship, there is a depth of the depth that requires flexibility according to the battle situation.

Following, battleships are characterized by long-distance, high-powered bombardment. Instead, the loading time of the shell is sacrificed. Since continuous firing is not as good as cruisers, it is easy to avoid bombardment if it is difficult to read the direction of travel with a zigzag maneuver. In addition, battleship mobility is quite dull, and the rudder is not effective as well as speed. It is a type that is difficult to avoid torpedoes because sudden maneuvering is difficult. If a battleship is on a single ship, it’s a chance to strike. In this scene, it is important to actively aim for lightning with destroyers.

On the other hand, cruisers, which are not as long as the destroyer and are not as long as battleships, are struggling with battleships. On the other hand, when this is on a battleship, cruisers will be the best prey. In the sense of protecting the destroyers of allies, I want to actively aim for the cruisers found. When riding on a battleship, if you show your presence slightly behind the front line, you will be in trouble with the opponent with the pressure of hardness and high-powered bombardment that is hard to sink. By using a consumable repair group, you can recover your own ship’s website. Occasionally, there is a scene where it is effective to turn the opponent’s hate here, with a high website and the recovery by the repair team, and in the meantime, in the meantime, in which allied cruisers and destroyers are attacked.

The aircraft carrier waits the main body behind the map, and from there he skips the aircraft on the ship to damage the opponent. If you’ve been dealing with an aircraft carrier, you’ll want to destroy this troublesome type as soon as possible. However, aircraft carriers are often in the enemy team, making it difficult to discover. It will often be packed and eventually launched at the end.

Therefore, the aircraft-based aircraft will be dealt with an anti-aircraft gun. The aircraft-based aircraft intercepted by an anti-aircraft gun will be refilled and re-fired by returning to the aircraft carrier. The spare aircraft mounted on the aircraft carrier will be refilled over time, but we want to reduce the number as much as possible. On the other hand, the launch of an anti-aircraft can make it easier for enemies to be found. Anti-aircraft intercept is automatic, but in the case of destroyers, it is also effective for enemies to turn off automatic attacks and not find them. However, depending on the situation, it is also important to intercept with an anti-aircraft gun in cooperation with your friendly ships. Even if it is found, it will be one of the criteria whether it is not within the range of enemy ships.

In addition, if you are dealing with a ship-based aircraft, knowing the difference between the bomber and the lightning strike machine that will attack will make it easier to avoid it when you are attacked. Since the lightning strike attacks with torpedoes, it is easy to avoid if you face an enemy aircraft. Bomber basically drops bombs in a row, so it is less likely to be fatal if you turn the hull to the enemy aircraft. If you are in trouble with enemy ships, please try it.

On the other hand, if you play with an aircraft carrier, you can attack with the above-mentioned bomber and lightning strike. One thing to keep in mind is the operation of this carrier. The player will actually operate the ship-based aircraft. Since the operation of the ship is completely different from the operation of the ship, it is recommended that you practice operating in the co-op game in advance using 4 Tier ships. Both bombing and lightning strikes require different tips from bombardment. In addition to attacks, it is also possible to search for enemies on a ship-based aircraft. Because it can cross the island, the search ability is higher than the destroyer. However, when approaching the enemy ship, you will receive an anti-aircraft fire, so it is important to determine whether the attack or the enemy should be given priority.

By the way, the aircraft carrier can be moved auto even while operating the aircraft-based aircraft. Fight while changing the place so that the enemy is not barred.

Based on the role of each of these ships, I thought about how to move as a destroyer. First, it is difficult to aim for a thunder strike in your own skill. There is a chance if you approach, but you do not want to sink. Even if you bombard you from a long distance, the damage caused by the destroyer bombardment is insignificant, exposing your position. Then, first, it should be useful for the team.

First, go ahead of your friends to the enemy circle, and move so that you can not find the enemy ship, you can supplement the enemy. In addition, a smoke screen is used to make it difficult to understand the location of your ally. Basically, we are focusing on the support of allies, and the torpedo is not going to be applied. I was conscious of the above, decided not to sink anyway, and decided to challenge the match. It is a calculation that allows allies to respond to the movement of destroyers who are mainly searching for enemies by bombarding their cruisers and battleships.

Now to the battlefield

I would like to know each ship, know myself, and introduce the match that I sorted out on the destroyer. The match was a control war. The team that occupies three points in the map, sinks enemy ships, gains points, and wins 1000 points earlier. This time, the match was 12: 12, with four destroyers, four cruisers, three battleships, and one aircraft carrier.

First, the arrangement of your own ship is on the left of the center. There are two cruisers and battleships nearby. While watching the movement of the ally, we will proceed with the ship to the Occupational Area A in the northwest of the map. By this match, I repeatedly repeated the search for the enemy and was discovered on an enemy destroyer and aircraft carrier ships and became a target of attacks. In this match, we decided to focus on the support of allies, based on the idea that destroyers can basically do nothing al1. I also checked the direction of the ally. This time, I wanted to get to know the situation of allies.

By the way, it is possible to communicate with allies using the chat function. However, remember that japanese players are not only on Japanese players, so there are cases where Japanese cannot be understood. If the words cannot be understood, it is also effective to use a radio chat (standard sentence).

When you arrive at point A and search for enemies, you will check the battleship and cruiser one by 1. Check the mini map while keeping the position and capturing the enemy ship so that it does not reach 6.0 km, which is the detection distance of the ship. The enemy aircraft carrier-based aircraft is located at the southeast of the map, where the second power of the allay is progressing, and one enemy destroyer is one at the point C and two at the center of the map. I predict that the remaining one will come to the point A. In other words, only destroyers may find their own ships at the northwest point A.

The prediction is a wonderful hit. One enemy destroyer approaches at point A. Although I was hit by the firing of an enemy destroyer who found it, I immediately moved to the island shadow. Fortunately, I was taking a course to put it in the shadow of the shielding island, and I avoided the pursuit of enemy cruisers and battleships. On the other hand, the enemy destroyer was charged from the fiery guns from this ally. In addition, the enemy destroyer hit the torpedo that I fired just before the writer hidden in the shield. He succeeded in sinking the opponent’s destroyer while minimizing the damage.

If there is no enemy destroyer or carrier-based aircraft at the target point, it is a chance to occupy. I waited at the point A while capturing the remaining battleships and cruisers in sight. To occupy the area, you must stay in the area for a while. Be careful during the occupation and be careful of enemy reinforcements. Fortunately, no enemy reinforcements this time, but if there is an enemy destroyer nearby, it may be found and targeted by the opponent’s cruiser.

For a while, I succeeded in occupying the area. Then, the enemy cruiser went down to the enemy team as if he saw it bad. The enemy battleship, which had been stuck, was sunk by bombardment from three allies. At that time, one of the allay battleships went forward, and when he noticed, he was sinking at the end of the struggle with the enemy battleship. If I was aware of what I had come out earlier, there was a remorse that I might have been able to protect the smoke screen.

At this point, the point was 800-550, and the army led a big lead. The team has two destroyers, two cruisers, and one battleship. On the other hand, the enemy team survived one destroyer, three cruisers, and one aircraft carrier. The number of ships is the same as 5 to 5, but the aircraft carrier remains in the enemy team. Above all, as a destroyer, I want to avoid being discovered on a ship-based aircraft and being a cruiser. With that in mind, I looked at a friendly destroyer approaching the enemy aircraft carrier, and the writer was followed. The danger is the fouling of trying to eliminate the lead.

However, the ally destroyer is sunk shortly afterwards, and the aim of the aircraft carrier-based aircraft is directed to the writer’s destroyer. At this time, the writer, I want to sink the aircraft carrier with a lightning strike, was making a noise as a thunder strike mad that should have been left before the battle. I will follow the aircraft carrier who is 6.0 km away as my prey. At this time, he was no longer visible, and he did not notice that the nearby cruiser was sank or the enemy cruiser was approaching. At less than 3 minutes left, I sank for the time being. As a result, the point was reversed by the enemy team. Another friendly ship that was a good deal was also sunk. Although the remaining friendship managed to pursue it, he was defeated due to time.

Looking back after the battle

The division of the game would be the scene mentioned earlier, trying to sink the aircraft carrier. He had to work with his allies, suppressing the feeling of deviating the results. This was a scene where not only cruisers but also battleships remained, so it was necessary to eliminate the remaining cruisers by destroyers and obtain points.

As a result, he was defeated, but this game was a fairly dramatic development in the match he had experienced. The development of the war changed every moment, and the development that did not know which one would win, made it feel the depth of the strategy of this work again. I was particularly impressive because my judgment had influenced the win or loss. With the excuse for allies at the time, he is engraved on his heart as a self-defense that he should not have a lust of lightning.

On the other hand, there was a response. The first movement, which cooperated in sinking enemy battleships while sinking enemy destroyers and occupying the point A, was well coordinated with allies. He was able to grasp the battle situation on the minimal, and was conscious of taking numerical benefits to enemies. If this consciousness continued even at the end, the result might have been different.

While I’m sorry for my ally, it’s a premise, but it’s fun to think about how to win, even in a losing game. It is also important to look back on the ended battle and re-strategy. Even if you get knowledge, it is difficult to master it from the beginning. I want to continue to improve one step at a time, conscious of each element and points of reflection in each game.

From the next time, let’s introduce the characteristics of each ship in more detail for those who are worried about which ship type to use mainly. In addition, we will introduce the recommended captain skills for using each ship. Those who have already decided on their favorite ships will have useful information. First, we plan to explain the operation method of cruiser / battleship.

world of warships is being distributed for free on the official website and on Steam/Microsoft Store.

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