¿Tals of the jedi adapta of the novela ahsoka de x Johnston?

Easton’s Asoka novel is one of several loved stories set in the Star Wars universe, up there with the greats like Darth Bane. After all, he presents to the Fans’s favorite Asoka Tank and his struggles after order 66. We are seeing it now more than ever, the most recent is Tales of the Jedi. If you wonder is the episode resolves by Tales of the Jedi is an adaptation of Asoka’s novel , you are in the right place. Although it is a bit complicated.

Is Tales of The Jedi an adaptation of Kenton’s novel Asoka?

The sixth episode of Tales of the Jedi, Resolve, is essentially a count of the novel Asoka of EK Johnston. It is less one recon, close to an adaptation, but more a reinvention.

Many of the main points of the plot that Tales of the Jedi and Asoka share are still intact. Asoka hides under a false name (the same Ashley, by the way), and even finds something similar to a home on an agricultural moon.

In both stories, Asoka fights an inquisitor who wields a lightsaber and quickly dispatches his possible murderer when he triggered his lightsaber. The game here is that Asoka took this moment to purify the red Khyber crystals found in the lightsaber, making them white and providing a reason for the color of their famous leaves.

Another interesting point of the plot in the novel of Asoka that is missing in the animated series is a child-sensitive child she covers. That does not mean that he will not do it in the future; The Jedi tend to move from one place to another.

Apart from some minor changes, that should give it a good idea of how the the episode resolves by Tales of the Jedi is adapted from Asoka’s novel. Remove part of the fluff, but maintains many of the most impressive plots. Anyway, it is still a good example of why we need more short Star Wars, especially if Tales of The Jedi is Canon.


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