FIFA 23 reveals all new updates and added for the World Cup

It will be a free update that you can download on FIFA 23 from November 9 on all the imaginable platforms less on switch: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A day before, On November 8, the users of EA Sports FIFA Mobile will be able to enjoy news. Next, we tell you all the news for the World Cup, which are not few.

what awaits us in the virtual grs

Fans can play with the 32 nations participants in a recreation of FIFA World Cup 2022 , and can do so from the inaugural match to the final. Experience allows even changing equipment clsified by others that did not reach the final phe.

On the other hand, from November 21 to December 18 it will be available FIFA World Cup: Live , a new live experience that will be updated during the phes of groups and World Cup qualifiers. The players can continue like this, in parallel to the event, the matches and the authentic templates of each game, and of course, to evolve the to meure according to their own results. Finally, you can choose a nation and, from a chosen, pt or present point, play a tournament by a player similating in experience the accumulated data of the world, that is: alignments, statistics and clsifications.

you add, exclusive Christm offers will incree the possibilities of FIFA Ultimate Team with new FUT campaigns that will be available from November 11 to December 23. The advance of the tournament will see articles with improvements depending on the real progress of each selection. This includes authentic equipment, stadium clothing, specific visual effects, the balls of the games, exclusive comments, etc.

Also, from November 11 to 23, in the event Road to Glory of the World Cup Cuts can have 30 unique heroes of the World Cup. When the qualifying phes arrive, the moments that will remain for the memory will be held and in the quarter the new kind of Fut World Cup phenomena will appear.

Awards for the effort of your suffering thumbs and more

At the end of the championship, players will be awarded the best performance, cending them members of the tournament team and offering enhanced objects to keep and keep in your collection forever.

The party will not end with the end of the World Cup. Next summer the fun will continue with the arrival of the Women’s World Cup of the FIFA Australia and New Zealand 2023. At the time we will send you the novelties about it.

Finally, and with respect to the EA Sports FIFA Mobile FIFA World Cup 2022 (remember, of November 8), it will also allow rewards to gain rewards according to your progress and difficulty chosen in the tournament. What you get you can also use it at the next live event of the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Once the World Cup begins on November 17, if you want the tournament you can get with special World Cup players to add your FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team.

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