Overwatch 2: Mei joins the list of broken characters and will disappear two weeks of the game

It is possible that overwatch 2 still does not have its mode for a player, but what the game definitely offers are the mistakes and bugs. Only a few days after the return of Bastion , which had become almost Insurable , it was another character who joined the club not very closed of such defective or broken characters that have to be eliminated from the game .

Ma enters the broken characters club

Last night, Blizzard Craig shared in a forum publication that Ma should be deactivated due to a serious error in the character. During the last days, some players have taken advantage of an error in the ice wall of Ma that allows them to reach normally inaccessible points during their games, even in the qualifiers. We can ask ourselves what impact really had This error in balance when we take into account the rank of the character.


However, the abuse of errors persists and Blizzard took the opportunity to remember that whatever is discovered exploiting an error could be penalized. Here is Blizzard’s official publication about Ma’s deactivation and the possible return date:

Therefore, It is possible that Ma returns within two weeks, Blizzard reserves the right to take longer, however, we may have to wait awhile before seeing the ice machine return to Being a real beast on many maps to win ranked.

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