Wemade Jang Hyun -guk, the abolition of the listing of the listing of the WeMix, Designed, the blockchain game aspiration

Gang Hyung, president of Remade, who dreams of an ecosystem of ‘blockchain game’ ecosystem based on virtual asset-mix mix, held a press conference on the 2nd and answered the reporters’ questions. At the meeting, the possibility of abolition of the listing of the Remix ▲ the blockchain game ecosystem composition plan ▲ Microsoft (MS) is 66 billion (about $46 million) strategic investment ▲ Questions and answers to the G-Star plan.

Abolition of Remix There is no possibility of it

On October 31st, Remix was designated as an investment event from the four major virtual asset exchanges in Korea.

This is because the actual distribution of We Coin was found to be different from the exchange report. As a result, Remade issued a statement and said, It is true that a certain amount of mix was supplied as the number of partners increased. I wanted to solve the problem.

We will entrust the foundation to publish the Remix to the third company, he said. Since Remade has disposed of 160 billion won of Remix without notice or disclosure, it is only 10 months since the investor’s backlash, so in the blockchain industry, the Remix may be delisted in the four major exchanges in the blockchain industry. Concerns came out.

Gang Hyung, who received the same question from the reporters, said, I don’t think there is a lot of delisting in the article. There is. We are communicating with DATA, a recent exchange meeting, he said.

In addition, Gang said, The most responsibility of the exchange is to protect good investors. The four exchanges will be determined to determine whether we will end the transaction support for Remix on the 9th.

100 blockchain games on board, 2022 to 1Q12 goal…

Originally, Gang Hyung said, We will board 100 blockchain games this year in the Remix ecosystem. At the meeting, however, Gang postponed the time to the first quarter of 2023, not 2022. Gang said, I would achieve 100 by the end of this year, but it will be extended by the first quarter of next year.

He asked the reporter’s question, ‘Is the quality more important than the quantity?’ Steam does not look at the game’s fun. Only at least things, such as whether they have kept their guidelines.

Therefore, Gang said, I think the amount of the blockchain game on the top mix is very important. And later, I will become an open platform and make it a platform for 50,000 games every year.

As of October 2022, 17 blockchain games were named for Remix play. To date, Remade has signed an onboard contract of 43 games.

Ms+financial sector 66 billion investment surprise announcements

Remade distributed a press release that it attracted strategic investments from Shanahan Asset Management, Kaboom Securities, and Microsoft just before the press conference. Remade introduced, This investment is noted that it attracted good conditions from leading domestic financial investors and overseas strategic investors despite the uncertain macroscopic environment and intensive intestinal volatility. The total investment amounted to W66bn and Microsoft spent W21bn and the rest in the financial sector.

Representative Gang Hyung said, It is a meaningful investment that has been involved in the prominent financial and strategic investors who have achieved excellent results. I will continue to invest. I will seek to do something with them with a long-term contract with a global IT company.

When asked about a specific collaboration plan, Gang said, Microsoft is developing business around the cloud service Azure, and Remade’s Remix is a blockchain platform, so there is less room to collide technically and economically. There are many parts. Regarding the investment in the financial sector, the finance will take place when the digital economy platform is pursued by Remix, he said.

Remade said it plans to use the investment as an operating fund such as development costs and marketing expenses for our games and ecosystems this year and next year.

Remade, two new exhibitions in G-Star… What is the goal of the game?

Remade will showcase its own developed MMORPG and Night Crow at the G-Star B2C exhibition hall.

Legend of Image introduced an art version building using Unreal Engine 5 on January 22, but the details of the game are not yet known. Night Crow is being developed by Mad Engine, which was established and established by PD Son Suk-seok, Director Lee Sun-ho, and many key developers who verse the development of mobile MMORPG. It plans to support mobile and PC multi platforms.

However, if the demonstration version of the two games is released in G-Star, there is a high probability that the blockchain-related contents will be excluded. Representative Gang Hyung also stated that in Korea, coins and NFTs will be serviced in the form of not applying. Meanwhile, Gang Hyung will participate in the conference held during the G-Star period and give a lecture on the theme of ‘New Paradigm: Intergame Economy and Meta Bus’.

Subsidiary Remade Play will showcase its blockchain social casinos at the G-Star B2B exhibition hall. Mr. Chang avoided the specific business model, saying, It is an effort to onboard overseas games.

, which was released in June at the ‘Korea Game Awards’ held before the opening of the G-Star, was nominated for the main prize. In relation to this, Gang received a business innovation award last year, and it is natural for the company to win the company. I think we should see how many awards will be awarded.

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