Who died in White Lotus season?

On October 30, The White Lotus returned for his second season in HBO with new characters (except for the sadly hilarious character of Jennifer Coolidge) and a new location where privileged tourists can behave in the worst way. Both seasons began with unidentified corpses. If you are wondering that died during season 1 of White Lotus here is your answer.

Who was killed in White Lotus season?

Armand (Murray Bartlett), the resort manager, is the one who dies, since Shane (Jake Lacy) stabs him with a knife. Although it is an accident. As she is drugged, Armand breaks into Shane’s room to defecate in her suitcase as revenge. Shane enters the room and feels an intruder there. Take a knife and, while he and the resort manager bend the same corner of the suite, the knife is nailed to Armand’s body.

Armand breaks into the room as revenge because Shane has been antagonistic with him from the beginning, trying to get a better suite. Once Shane causes Armand to fire, there is no going back. Although at the beginning of the program, Armand looks like the manager of a perfect, quiet and helpful resort, it is discovered that he hangs from a thread while braking his sobriety on a night full of alcohol and drugs. Once Armand is fired, he has nothing more to lose, so he decides to leave a memory in Shane’s suitcase.

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