It is revealed for how long will be the exclusive Final Fantasy XVI of PS5

_ Final Fantasy XVI It is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. Although at the moment only a launch for PlayStation 5 is talked at the moment, today it has been revealed how long the exclusivity of this delivery will last In the Sony console, and it won’t be as expected.

Through a new commercial focused on some characteristics of the PS5, we had a small look at Final Fantasy XVI. Although no new material was shown, the fact that is mentioned here, it is mentioned that the title will only have an exclusivity of six months in PS5.

Thus, in theory, Final Fantasy XVI_ could reach Xbox and PC consoles at the end of next year . However, and as it made it clear Final Fantasy vii remake, this is not a guarantee that something like this happens. While his arrival in Steam and Epic Games Store is not ruled out, a launch on Microsoft consoles sounds more complicated.

We only have to wait and see if this delivery will reach other consoles. Therefore, Final Fantasy XVI_ will arrive at PS5 at some point in the summer of 2023. On related issues, here you can see the new game trailer. Similarly, this is how the development of this delivery goes.

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It seems that Square Enix cannot decide whether to support Xbox. While Final Fantasy XVI is an exclusive PS5, and it probably remains like this, _crisis core meeting

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